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Mortgage Brokers Have To Be Licensed

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

Mortgage brokers have become an important part of bringing financing to homeowners. Banks and credit unions offer consumers services that brokers cannot, but they also have more regulation and hold much higher standards than brokers.

Mortgage brokers are regulated in Canada by the Financial Services Commission. They offer mortgage brokers courses to license their brokers and to regulate the market to maintain high standards in the industry. In order to become licensed the regulatory commission requires that prior to becoming a brokerage, that time is spent as a mortgage agent in Canada. There are classroom requirements before anyone is allowed to take the mortgage brokers licensing exam.

For consumers looking to close real estate transactions as quickly as possible, mortgage brokers can generally get the job done in a more timely fashion than banks. Loan officers at banking institutions are employees and can be limited in their flexibility. A loan at a bank generally requires a high credit rating from the consumer and in today’s economy they need a track record that is nearly spotless.

The reasons someone seeking a loan would want to work with a broker are usually because they receive lower interest rates. Because a broker is more flexible than a bank, they create a more enjoyable experience for the consumer who may have a more complicated situation. Although banks can offer consumers more than just loans brokers can find new products because they are scouring many banks and many different programs that other lenders offer.

Brokers are very competitive with each other. They build their business on relationships and try to create loyalty with their clients. The more experienced the mortgage broker, the more they can deliver to the consumer and they build a clientele who returns time and again as new financing and re-financing needs occur.

Mortgage brokers make money by the fees they receive from either the consumer or the lender. Mortgage Brokers are paid a commission through a Yield Spread Premium. This is a bonus paid by the lender to the mortgage broker and is generally a percentage of the original loan. In most cases the commission rate is 2% of the loan amount.

Consumers should ask their broker about the Yield Spread Premium when they first enter the transaction as in most cases this is not disclosed until closing when the commission is paid by the lender. If the consumer elects to pay the mortgage broker his commission the consumer may pay a lower interest rate or lower fees, which are tax deductible to the consumer.

If the consumer does not pay the mortgage broker, the lender pays the commission and generally recoups the commission in interest or fees. It is important to note that the mortgage broker deserves to be paid for his services and in a highly competitive industry is generally priced to win the consumers business that will withstand a long and trusting relationship.

A career as a Mortgage broker can be very rewarding. If you have a good head for numbers, consider enrolling in Mortgage broker courses.

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