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Obtaining Your Property – Section 8 Notice To Quit

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Another name for a possession notice is a section 8 notice to quit. Many individuals may get this notice confused with a section 21 notice though they are different.

However a section 8 notice can only be used if for some reason the rental agreement has been breached. The landlord will need to detail what the reason is for sending the section 8 notice. One of the most common reasons is that the tenant is not paying rent. If for some reason you want to evict the tenant then you will need to get a possession order from the court first.

A landlord has over 17 different reasons in which they can file a section 8notice. The amount of time you must notify the tenant tends to differ depending on which ground you are filing the notice under.

There are seventeen grounds in which a landlord can state as reasons to gain their property and all are different. If the ground is based on rent then the tenant must have eight weeks of rent due if rent is paid every two weeks, if rent is quarterly then one quarter must be overdue, and if two months’ rent are overdue when the rent is paid monthly.

A few other grounds for possession that do not relate to rent being owed is when the renter has breached any of the terms of the tenancy agreement, the property has deteriorated or is damaged due to the tenant, the tenant or someone living with the tenant is a nuisance to those in the area and one of the tenants has provided false information to the landlord.

It is important to note as many of the grounds as possible that can be used to your benefit in the section 8 as many of the grounds can be difficult to prove.

A Section 8 Notice To Quit is also known as a section 8 possession notice. Section 8 Notice is different than a section 21 notice as it is used when the landlord wants to obtain his or her property before the fixed term as ended.

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