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Paper Lanterns for Your Festivities

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

The light source in paper lanterns is in the centre and around it you have rice paper kept in position with steel or wooden frames. You can also find simple lanterns that are made up of just a paper bag with a candle inside, along with more complicated versions of lanterns. Some more complex designs have metal frames with hoops holding up the paper. Others use more sturdy paper or are made of collapsible bamboo.

Paper lanterns are also a practical source of lighting, rather than just being used for special occasions. You can use them as floor lamps and on tables or have them dangle from the ceiling or trees in your garden. You can light pathways in your garden by having several lanterns hanging in a row using a wire or string.

There are many shapes, colours, sizes and types that paper lanterns come in. The most common ones are round, cylindrical or rectangular but more festive ones are available in suitable shapes as well. Chinese lanterns can be found shaped like pagodas or dragons. Halloween lanterns, on the other hand, can come in suitable shapes such as stars and pumpkins.

The paper used to make lanterns can be of different colours, and you can even paint on them if you want to add to it yourself. Chinese and Japanese lanterns are often decorated with careful calligraphy, while others might be decorated for the occasion they represent.

Lanterns have candles inside them, but more modern ones use light bulbs, powered by a battery pack or electrical wiring.

There are many floor lamps, table lamps and wall sconces that are made to look like lanterns, which show how popular they are becoming. Paper lanterns such as this can also be used instead of the usual fabric lamps.

Conventional fabric lamps may soon be replaced by paper lanterns. You can shop for cheap paper lanterns online, or go find some import shops that sell them. Don’t panic if you see that it needs to be assembled as it’s a very simple task.

Paper lanterns are not just inexpensive, but are also easy to carry around and get rid of if you are done using them.

There is no easier way to deal with your outdoor lighting problems. You can create just the right ambience for any occasion by setting up some paper lanterns. You can use paper lanterns to your advantage, regardless of whether you want eerie lighting for Halloween or romantic lighting for an outdoor dinner.

Cody Scholberg, a lighting expert, writes at the paper lanterns guide. Check out this post on using asian paper lanterns to repel mosquitoes!

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