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Procuring Lots The Safest Way!

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

During the latest real estate boom, many speculators were cashing in by purchasing land and finding a buyer who was willing to pay more than what it was originally purchased for. But, land is a great investment as long as you follow these simple strategies to make money.

The first rule to remember is that if you own real estate the “right way” then it is always a safe and good investment. In other words, using your cash will help keep your bottom line stable and secure, without putting your assets on the line. To have a home that is paid off is the utmost in stability and mental ease, because you do not have to worry about the possibility of losing your property. I realize this is not an option for most people, so maybe consider it as an ideal more than anything else. For those whom this strategy is a possible or realistic one, real estate is the safest place to store your cash, and avoid being taxed on it.

Besides the fact that when you buy a home outright, you can always rent it and you will have a nice littler income generated from it. To use your income to buy real estate is a great way to put off tax liability you may be facing and to build a collection of performing assets that may fund your early retirement. Using your tax money to purchase real estate, instead of simply paying it directly to the IRS, is easier than you might think, and will effect your net sheet in such a way that you will actually pay less in taxes. As always, get the input of your accountant before you try anything like this or you may end up costing yourself.

If you do not have enough money to purchase a rental outright, maybe you can save enough money to simply buy a building lot and wait until you can save up more money to build on it, after all, there are more than the market needs right now. You can get some very good deals on the building lot market, especially when buying REO lots in bulk. The best investment plan for buying building lots would be a longer term plan that involves buying and holding, due to the fact that they will not yield much, if any, profit for some time in the short term.

Keep in mind that the bank is not your friend when buying real estate, so buying with cash is always the best option. Making alliances with local builders, to construct rentals on your building lots and share in the income, is a super way to be creative and establish partnership avenues which will benefit you for years to come.

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