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Property Management Software : The Basics Explained

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

As a property manager, there are plenty of programs from which to choose that will make your job easier. Although most still go with what’s familiar such as Excel or good old-fashioned pencil and paper, other, more flexible and easier to use options exist. Be careful that you do not choose property management software that locks you in to a lengthy contract with early termination fees or one that requires an annual fee on top of the purchase price. Because there is sure to be some amount of unfamiliarity with a new program, be on the lookout for software that offers support and training as part of the package.

Support and training does not do you any good, however, if they are not available when you need them; therefore be sure that the software company’s office hours are extended, especially if time zone differential is an issue. In addition, be sure that the management program has been developed by an expert instead of someone who has limited experience. A developer who actually spent some time in property management is more likely to address all of its issues, from single-family homes to commercial property investment.

When deciding on a management program, some features to consider are the following:

– Efficient data management. All of your time should not be wrapped up in entering records and data, so choose a program that does this quickly and easily. If you are unsure whether the program matches your skills, many programs offer trial versions for you to decide.

– A full accounting package. Your chosen software should support whichever accounting method you prefer – cash or accrual (preferred by most property managers). It should allow you to make use of a range of accounting reports and to be able to run them at any time and for any period. It should also be able to calculate discounts and late fees automatically.

– Check writing. Because your time is valuable, you do not want to spend most of it writing checks, especially if your business requires you to write a lot. Be sure to find software that allows you to print checks off on your computer. If you are unsure of which company to contact about the proper check forms you need, your vendor can guide you in the right direction.

– Reminders. Property management can be hectic, so choose a program in which you can set reminders about appointments or any other work you need to accomplish. Of utmost importance, however, are reminders about late rent and leases that are about to end. Pop-ups and emails are the best types of reminders.

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