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Protecting The Roof Of Your Coastal House

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

All roofs are susceptible to algae and other forms of roof deterioration, but coastal houses are particularly susceptible due to wind and salt air. Green and black algae can be a major headache for homeowners. Algae not only makes a roof look bad, but will likely shorten its life as well.

Fungus On Roof

Fungus is an algae that is dark brown, green or black in colors and causes streaking on roof shingles. At times these streaks are thought to be things like soot, dirt, or moss, which is usually a mistake. Areas that are warmer with high humidity levels are more likely at risk. This makes coastal houses a prime target for algae accumulation on coastal roofs.

Cleaning and Replacement

Yes, you can clean your roof, but some methods of cleaning can cause unnecessary wear to the shingles. Many of today’s higher quality shingles have an algae-resistant barrier built-in. This barrier helps protect the roof from the unsightly streaks and maintenance hassles caused by algae. CertainTeed produces an asphalt shingle with an algae-resistant Streak-Fighter feature in the shingle. CertainTeed claims that specific raw material in the shingle protects it from the streaking and discoloration commonly caused by algae.

Final Remarks

Regularly check your roof. When you see streaks starting to develop, it’s time to get the roof cleaned by you or a roofing professional. When it becomes time to replace your roof, consider having a shingle with a algae protection feature in the shingle.

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