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Real Estate For Big Losses

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

If you have ever watched any late night television you have probably seen the latest real estate program taunting you with amazing riches. All the media outlets are teaming with these adds created by so called real estate gurus who all but guarantee your success and wealth beyond anything you have ever imagined. While it is true that many have seen some success, there are many more who have not.

So how is it that these gurus still have the money to advertise? The reason is because there are people who succeed. They are shown giving their testimony, but they are not special in any particular way. They paid for the system and made some money using it for sure, but their success is not necessarily an indicator of yours.

So what makes them special? That can be answered in many ways, however the one thing many of them have going for them is a lack of fear or perhaps desperation. When you are as low as you can go you are likely more apt to take greater risks, and when dealing with real estate, not taking a risk is next to impossible.

Certainly you could buy property and rent it. Many see this as a way to increase their cash flow, and it can work. Still there are expenses such as landscaping, regular maintenance, lawyers, forms, property improvements and more that cut in to the monthly profit. These expenses are real. Doing some or all of this work yourself could help, but many either don’t know how or don’t want to.

You could dive in to the foreclosure pool and swim with the sharks. There is lots of many yet to be made on these types of properties, however you buy “as is” and will often need to invest a considerable amount of money to sell. “Flipping” as it is known, requires or at least benefits greatly those who are savvy in real estate or have the knowledge to perform the work themselves.

Another and often more appealing way to invest is as part of an investment group. There are groups of people who pool their money together and invest in real estate. While it is true that the profits are lessened with this method, the risk is spread out between each member of the group and thus lessened considerably. This could be a safe way to get started if you have a little money you can use.

So the late night guy or gal on television isn’t exactly misrepresenting the truth. Sill, they don’t usually focus on the risk and the hard work involved in making money through real estate. It can be done though, if you have the stomach for it.

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