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Relax And Rejuvenate At The The Annie Wiggins Galena IL Hotel

Todays Date: November 19, 2018

Galena attracts more than a million people every year and because it is such a bustling tourist destination, hotels in Galena Illinois, entice tourists with their come-ons, amenities and great deals. In a class all its own, the Annie Wiggins Guest House is a master-class of mixing great value with above-par amenities topped off with the sense of historical style the city is known for. Arriving at the house is a treat in itself, with the somber architecture, with grand yet subtle undertones, welcomes guests and the scents of the well-kept garden envelope the property.

As the first bed and breakfast establishment in Galena lodging, the 1846 Antebellum home is a study in classic style and upscale, renaissance taste splendidly kept and refurbished as a bed and breakfast. Well-known for its exemplary breakfast service and eternally-filled cookie jar, it boasts of an always brimful brandy decanter and refreshments that never run out, small details that make your stay at Annie Wiggins Galena IL hotel a truly memorable and pleasant one. Even in your room, your are never left without the rich historic feel of the once lead mining industry driven Galena, as the rooms have a great view of downtown sprinkled with numerous historic buildings in their restive and stately splendor.

Explore the Galena, with its twilight river cruises, the Apple River Canyon State park, Lacoma gold course and the Shenandoah Riding Center for the adventurous bunch. Or take a sip of history with the Ulysses Grant Home, DeSoto Hotel, Galena Trolley Depot Theater and the Old Stockade on the Cobblestone Street that’s sure to take your back the centuries. Whatever your pleasure, Galena will provide.

Decorated with plush period pieces and homey furniture, the home was once owned by the city pioneer Darius Hunkins, whose wife, Annie, has superb taste in decorating their spacious home. Warm yourself in the hand-carved Italian marble fireplace, read the books in the Civil War collection in the library, and marvel at the majestic ionic columns of the Victorian Parlour.

A trip to Galena is one filled with historic beauty, appreciation for classic architecture and design and is perfectly resonated by this 19th century home with its classic grandeur and world-class amenities. Step out of the confines of the house and find that every want, whim and pleasure that the city has to offer is within reach of the strategic location of your home away from home. In the evening, if you still have the energy to, join the Galena Historic Dance Society and mingle and cavort, the old-fashioned way.

Make reel romance real as you deck yourself with period clothing, re-acquire old and forgotten courtesy and travel back in time to get a taste of old school partying. Explore all that Galena has to offer, with its famous golf courses and ski adventures, and rest your weary but enriched soul in the Annie Wiggins house, a perfect mirror and epitome of the city’s old world flavor. With the prices and deals available, you’re assured to grab a large bite out of the town’s history, without biting off too much from your savings. Stay at the Annie Wiggins House and get the Galena experience, even in your own room.

If you desire to have excellent food and awesome ambiance please come stay in our Annie Wiggins Galena IL hotel. We assure that our Galena lodging are simply the best.

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