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Rules Of Thumb For Building A Custom House

Todays Date: January 19, 2019

Choose Your Lot

The hardest part about building your home may be choosing your building lot. Things like location, price, applicable taxes, zoning and density laws and building permits may be just a few of the issues you will be dealing with in getting your buildsite approved for construction.


Banks, credit unions, and mortgage lending companies will give you finance options for your home. Prices range depending on the type and size of home you are planning to have built. Using an architect to draw up your plans will help you get the base price down. Your money lender will always want to see the home plans before lending you any money.

Find An Architect

From California to New York to Arkansas, home plans include foundation, framing, siding, plumbing and electrical details, and can range from as little as $600, to as much as several thousand. It is always best to screen at least three applicants before you hire any professional and architects are no different. All you need to do now is to stop by the bank and show them your building plans.

Don’t Be Too Rigid

Having a custom home built is an enormous project. Expecting the unexpected will help you deal with the inevitable weather delays for contractor disputes so be prepared. You need to be flexible and patient, and know that in order to have your dream home built, it will take time.

Having your own home built can be an exhausting, yet very rewarding endeavor. Nothing in life gets done when you quit, so focus on persevering until you accomplish your goal and complete the project. Not reaching your goal to complete your home construction will potentially cost you everything you have, so failure is not an option.

Understand that this is a simple outline. Plan on using all of your time, in one way or another, to teach yourself as much as you can about construction in general, and you will be far ahead of your competition.

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