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Sash Windows – Where Can I Install Them?

Todays Date: August 16, 2017

Sash windows are movable glass panels, which form a frame of glass, separated by lights or panes by narrow bars. This is a type of glazing where panels are opened in a vertical sliding fashion. The horizontally sliding for are known as “Yorkshire lights”.

There are many variations to these windows but usually there in the form of three on each sash and two lights across. Ham House in 1670 was one of the first to have these windows and it is normally Georgian & Victorian homes that have these windows. Robert Hooke, the famous inventor and scientist invented these back in the seventeenth century.

The standard length of sashes in the U. K is four feet wide or 1.2 m. The older units that were hand made could be any size. They have upper & lower sashes that are created within the side jambs and slide in vertically. These grooves can be made of metal weather strips.

In order for the windows to open, there are simplex hinges attached to one side of the window, these are what locks the window. The mechanics of the window, hinge around either spring balances, heavy metal, cast iron or lead, this is what is responsible for the window balancing.

A sash chain or cord runs over a pulley at the frame’s top and is connected to the weight. However manufacturers also use spring balances . Simplex hinges are sometimes used to lock the window on one side and leaving the other side unattached. This allows the window to be opened if needed.

Americans refer to these as hung sash window frames and they are normally hung double with 2 sashes. This permits an upward and downward movement within the frame. In single frames, there are 2 sashes and the top one is fixed. The sash at the bottom is able to slide down and up. If the window is very high then they use quadruple sashes. In America these windows are usually glazed and made from soft wood.

Rot, rattling, swelling and distortion of wood are some of the problems that occur with Sash windows, often due to shrinking of the wood. The windows often require high maintenance, but beautiful and advantageous as all windows can be cleaned from inside and sufficient cooling and ventilation is offer.

Learn the way that sash window restoration London experts can increase the value of your home and make it more comfortable today! When you need help with your windows, using a sash window company will allow you to take care of all issues quickly and easily.

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