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Shorted AOL – Tanks Today On A Posted 59% Loss In Revenue-Short Sell Is Good

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

(1888PressRelease) AOL just sold ICQ-Tanked ON Stock Price and also posted a loss of 59% of their revenue and their ad sales are week-see our story and get updates so you can make money

Santa Monica California, For Immediate Release

BusinessCapitalloans.com calls AOL A Long Term Short.

AOL shorts are feeling a birthday party now. Our blog network shorted AOL at $28.40 and $28.10 and we see lower downside, as the large carrier of run of network traffic, just posted a 59% drop in revenue with earning only about $30mm vs last year of 75+mm.

Now the stock price has not taken into account, that Bebo.com, a wonderful investment of $850mm, will be showing a major loss on next quarters sheets. Bebo.com has been reported to close and pack up shop from Reuters.com

AOL, owns advertising.com , which they hoped would help, but with small business ad sales declining, as most small businesses went broke, there is only a upside for the major players. Not many companies go to the AOL Advertising.Aol.com, their Advertising-platform to make large buys. Our research online shows, that AOL has run of network traffic, such as smaller search engines , which means their traffic is as Standard and Poor would say ” Junk ”

In our opinion, we see the AOL hitting $15-20 a share in the next 14-21 days or less. The company is not worth $75 Billion, as the market cap is almost 3B shares. We believe the company and assets are worth about $5b-$10b now on a rough opinion.

This blog post is our opinion, from the 15 years we have been watching AOL and seen a steady decline, after mergers and major losses in the past. This could be AOL’s last run on the stock market, if they do not buy a wise investment website or network, first to recover the $850mm, they lost on Bebo.com and then to make money, or stay afloat.

AOL on top of the news, just made a quick sell and sold on week ads sales, the old Tech messenger to a Russian company, probably for the database. Whats next will AOL, sell their instant messenger and then advertising.com .

Whoever is the brain behind AOL, doesn’t know where the market is going online and has clearly demonstrated it this morning”!

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