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Showing Your Home To Prospective Tenants

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

When you show your home to prospective tenants you want it to look nice and tidy so they will want to live in your place. No one will apply if you didn’t clean it up before showing it to prospective tenants. Many rental homes in Utah are available for viewing by owners themselves or through Utah property management companies such as KeyRenter.

KeyRenter makes sure their homes for rent in Utah are in good condition with low to none damages. When you are a homeowner, you can decide if you want to put a fresh coat of paint as well. This can really make the home look newer and better condition to show to tenants.

Be sure to set up appointments when people call to look at your rental home. When several call to tour your home, set up their appointments one right after another. That way you won’t have to waste any time going back and forth to the rental home at separate times.

Point out the best features of your home as each tenant will be looking for something different in your home. Show off the fireplace, new appliances, and the yard and balcony. Talk about the neighborhood, the low crime rate, and the good schools in the area.

Don’t look desperate when you show your property. You may be anxious to get it rented out soon sine the longer it’s empty the more money you have to pay. But if you let your desperation show, bad tenants might take advantage of you and the situation or good tenants will go away because they think something is wrong with the place if you act like you can’t get it rented out.

When you show your property, remain cool and collected. Answer any questions the applicant may have and ask questions about the tenant as well. If you cleaned up your rental property well and show your rental home in the proper way, more people will apply for your rental home so you have many to choose from to pick the best qualified tenant.

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