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Sneaking booze on the cruise now easier with camocaps

Todays Date: November 20, 2018

The life of people has become too busy. They work since early morning till late at night. So taking out time out of this schedule is very difficult. They don’t get a chance to spend time with their families. In this situation planning a vacation is the best idea.

Nowadays alcohol has become a part of every celebration may it be a marriage, birthday party or other social gathering or sports events. Drinking alcohol has now become a status symbol. So going for a vacation too is incomplete without alcohol. If you wish to enjoy you need alcohol.

If you are planning for a vacation, a cruise journey is the best option for you, as you can find easy last minute deals especially in the off peak season.

But the cruise lines maintain a very strict policy against alcohol. Though you think that most of the entertainment and nourishment charges are included in the ticket price but it is not so. The cruise lines will make you spend the double or the more through the extras they offer. The cruise lines maintain a strict policy against boarding your own alcohol on the cruise but the cruise alcohol is too costly for you to afford.

But going for a vacation on a cruise has no point if you are not going to be constantly drunk. The rules are meant to be broken. Sneak alcohol on a cruise is not difficult. Smuggling alcohol can help you in saving tons of money. There are no consequences if you are caught. Even if you are caught you wont be penalized or fined. They can just snatch it from you and give it back on the end of the journey. Even you cant be spoken to harshly.

Here are some tricks that can help you in sneaking booze on a cruise. Don’t use actual liquor bottles as all the luggage goes through x-ray machines. The machines can identify the basic shapes as the beer or wine bottles have distinctive shapes. Don’t put it even in the carry on bags because they are more likely to be hand searched. Empty toiletry cans can be a safe hiding place. Water bottles can be a better option. Take a water bottle empty it and refill it with wine or vodka and make it look as sealed. You will go through a metal detector security, so if you are thinking of taping a mini bar around your chest make sure that you don’t have any metal accessory on your body.

There is one more fool proof method of sneaking booze on the cruise it will work every time and will save you a lot of money and amusement parks, social gathering, sports events where you are not allowed to bring your own btime. Camo caps are perfect for venues like everage. Camo caps are easy to use. Just empty the bottle fill it with a clear beverage and screw it with a camo cap on. For more details log on to http://www.camocaps.net/

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