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Taking On Loan Officers Will Help JP Morgan!

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

JP Morgan has a new slant on recent real estate news, as bad as that has been, which has inspired them to hire an additional 1200 loan officers in the U.S.. In case you did not know who they are, they are the Wall Street bankers who acquired WAMU to get out from under several billion dollars worth of tax money they owe to the government. Remember them now? Pretty sure it helped out.

Also on their procurement list was fellow Wall Street bank, Bear Stearns, who was denied a bailout by Goldman Sachs Fed Reserve Head, Ben Bernanke and buddy Hank Paulson.

The central strategy for hiring the additional 1200 loan officers is to place them across the country in loan centers and banks, for easy access to all real estate markets. What baffles me is their logic for the hiring trend. With the stated justification being that the real estate market could be turning around and beginning to show signs of improvement, JP Morgan simply wants to be in the best possible position for the home loan clientele. That is not an exact quote but you get the idea.

My question is what do they know that we are not hearing from the media? Any particular week, the unemployment figures loom and swell to larger levels than the previous week? For the majority of people, this is illogical, unless they know more than everybody else somehow.

I will stop beating around the bush and just make my point. With more money on their minds, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, among other banks, have been delaying or ceasing funding for real estate purchases to stimulate a market sensation in home buyers and sellers.

Given that these kinds of illogical moves are typically seen when the CEO of a company dumps his stock the day before the company goes public with some bad report, we may be seeing the end of a suppressed real estate market very soon!

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