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Technicalities Of The Renting Market

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

The economy of the entire world is gradually ceding back due to which more and more people are planning to make their economic conditions a bit constant. The declining economy is badly affecting the property owner as well. The UK is greatly stirred by the worsening economy. People are now searching for extraordinary ways to cope with the financial turmoil.

Homeowners, distressed with such crisis, find no way except to lease out their property. Now, those having extra houses can attain financial stability by renting them out, while the people who do not have any extra house are unfortunately in loss. They cannot help themselves out of the crisis.

The value of a property, whether residential or commercial, is of prime importance in the rental market. Commercial properties always fetch higher prices as they can be rented out to multiple tenants, and can be used for trade activities. Residential properties, on the other hand, have to be rented out to single tenants in most cases, except for an apartment building. Value of residential property also depends upon the location of the neighbourhood and distance from the city centre. If a property is located in the city centre or closer, the rates will be higher. Similarly, areas with a good reputation and posh locality are considered gold mines in the residential rental market.

Other than the site of the property, the construction factor is also very important. People prefer living in well-constructed and splendid houses. One should consider the structural aspect of the house while buying or renting. These days, people are more thoughtful about residing in the houses having extraordinary interior designing.

Apart from the locality of the property, the condition and construction plays an important role in determining its rental value. The construction of a property will never be out of consideration to the property dealers or the homebuyers. Similarly, tenants also take into account the construction of the house and its interior design. Properties with poor construction or bad design will not fetch a high price in the market, and are considered out of the contemporary rental market. They might get rented out but the aggregate rent will be much lower than a house of similar size with a better design; people like to stay in better homes, and may only stay in an old fashioned house if they are facing a financial crunch.


Utilities have always been of prime importance in the rental market, and they will always maintain their significance. The extra focus on utilities, that was once considered a preliminary factor in the rental market, is no more considered to be of high importance in the rental market. Tenants now prefer to install their own internet and telephone connection and do not want to have an already installed connection. In fact, many tenants now favour a house that does not have a gas connection as they are wary of the gas bills. Instead, they install electrical ovens and heating system. It all depends on the choice of a tenant, but we can say that modern rental market has become quite aggressive in this regard. The rental value of a home can get lower in case the landlords are not eager to satisfy the needs of the tenants.

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