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Ten Ways to Remove The Bugs

Todays Date: December 18, 2018

1. Before bringing cardboard, house plants, grocery market bags, paper bags, or soda pop items into your home ,inspect for bugs that may be hiding. Make sure to remove pests is they are present or throw away the items

2. Store firewood away from the foundation of the home. Also keep it off the ground. Shake off the logs before bringing them into the house.

3. Keep floors clean by eliminating food sources for those pesky night time feeders. It s best to use a disinfecting cleaner on kitchen floors.

4. Caulk or screen areas to seal holes or cracks around your doors, windows, pipes and HVAC lines. Examine the building for possible entry points. This will also help you reduce your heating and cooling costs.

5. Trim tree limbs so they don’t touch the house. Trim the shrubs so they don’t become a harborage for insects or rodents.

6. You can protect your porch and patio from ant invasions by placing powdered chalk or used coffee grounds around the foundation.

7. Make sure the lids are on your garbage cans. Dont let food sit in the trash you keep in the kitchen. It is best to use trash bags. Clean the cans on a regular basis with disinfectant or bleach.

8. Inspect the outside of your house monthly from July to Nov. Yellow jackets will appear overnight. Get them before they eat through the sheet rock.

9. Orange peels can help repel insects. Mosquitoes and gnats can’t stand the smell of oranges, lemons, and limes, so try taking a bag of citrus peels along with you on your summer picnic. Rub the peels over exposed skin to keep the bugs away.

10. Make your own insect repellent with vanilla extract. Take a clean, empty spray bottle and fill it with one cup of water and one TBSP of vanilla extra. Spray and wipe onto your skin and you won’t be bothered by some types of insect.

Mike Grace, owner of TNT Exterminating Company and president of the Ohio Pest Control Association, has been in the Canton Pest Control industry for 23 years. With all that experience, Grace preaches, A good offense is a good defense, to all his customers.

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