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The benefits of Vacationing or Retiring to Mexico

Todays Date: November 16, 2018

As far as most go back in memory Mexico has always been the greatest vacation spot there is. Mexico entails everything from romance to sporting, attracting 22.6 million tourists a year on average. This year violence between drug lords and killing of innocent people are pushing tourist to stay away because of fear. This violent drug war isn’t in the best parts of Mexico. Cabo is one of the best places of Mexico that has not been filled with drug hysterics. Cabo is still filled with joyous activity that plenty are benefiting from and even retiring too. In East Cape fishing resorts are still booked and filled with travelers engaging in sport fishing among all the other activities Baja California Sur, and Mexico have to offer. A Mexico fishing vacation can also make dads perfect gift and even dream life for those who are ready to retire. Fishing and sport fishing in this area isn’t like fishing anywhere else in this part of the world there has been over 900 different species of fish discovered. The beauty of the water in Cabo drives in its major guest and tourist fishers. So much of the activity is done in the water that it is why it is essential to know the safety tips especially when taking kids. The most important safety rules for water activities are

  • Never swimming farther than one can swim back
  • Never swim alone
  • No alcohol before getting into the water
  • Be aware of your surroundings

Baja California Sur and Mexico are such great places to vacation most tourists buy time shares and even Cabo homes. For families who vacation a lot, having a vacation home is extremely convenient. Vacation homes cut down hotel cost all around, luggage cost, some food cost, while also cutting down plenty of worry. Never having to fear if your kids are safe because of strangers (in hotels) and being able to keep track of them easier will make mom a world of difference. For families who visit Mexico often Cabo residential properties might be something of interest, Children can form their happiest vacation memories their and as they become adults can even go back to visit and share special memories with their kids. A home in Cabo can be a retirees dream, rest and relaxation all at the finger tips. What most American retirees who chose to retire in Mexico is that they can still legally receive a check and social security benefits while living in Mexico. After the kids have grown up and mom and dad or grandpa are ready to be on their own again they can still enjoy the benefits that social security provides for them while friends and family are not to far away for a visit.

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