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The Best Time To Invest In Real Estate

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

Knowing the “how’s”, “what’s” and “why’s” in buying a real estate is not enough. You need to consider the “when” as well. This is important because the price of the property in the market fluctuates from time to time. Meaning, the amount of financial investment is relative to time or season. Three indicators were named as the best or most appropriate time to invest in real estate. They are the following:

Economic slowdown

This is bad for almost all people but for home buyers and real estate investors, this is the ideal time to buy the property. Unemployment and lay-off are the results of the economic slowdown.

The increase in unemployment often forced several homeowners to sell or give up their property and seek employment somewhere where the grass is greener. They often need to relocate the soonest time possible and as a result, they want to sell off their house as soon as possible as well. The urgency to relocate is often the deciding factor to dispose their property even at a much lesser cost.

Increase in the interest rates

Increase in the interest rates is one other indicator for the excellent time to purchase. Increase in the interest rates will make acquiring a brand new property to be steeply-priced bringing on fewer customers. Fewer customers will trigger real estate prices to lower to bring in more buyers.

Regarding monthly mortgage payments, it will be greater also yet this is for a short period of time only. Once interest rates drop again, you have the option to refinance the mortgage for a low interest rate. That way, you will have a reduced monthly payment to the bank.


They say the best day of the year to purchase a property is Christmas day. I can picture some reactions but it’s definitely true. Home prices are the most affordable in December. It’s mainly because mega sales are offered by stores and department stores to bring in buyers. Most people are in craze buying presents and the fraction of those who are into home buying is much lesser. The sales of real estate routinely decline which brings about the rates to drop. This is a great opportunity to head out for real estate shopping.

Another reason is the holiday spirit. Folks are in good moods and are likely to be more generous up to the point of offering a reduced price.

Ultimately, if a home has been on the market over Christmas, the proprietor is definitely serious about selling that home. This is a good time to settle. You only need to discover a realtor who is willing to perform the job on Christmas.

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Mike Boman is a freelance writer. He writes for Scottsdale Real Estate. He agrees that Scottsdale AZ Real Estate Homes are ideal homes for first-time home buyers.

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