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The biggest “housing bug “in Nanjing had hold over a hundred sets of real estate

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Million-dollar real estate investment, and compared with the most powerful investors in Nanjing is still “negligible.” A senior developer in Nanjing told reporters that he knew a couple engaged in property investment, had more than 100 sets of real estate in the peak period, is the largest investment “Housing bug” in Nanjing among what he knew.

“They have more houses.” The developer told reporters the couple were originally engaged in foreign trade business, had their own foreign trade company. Before 2006, they earned tens of millions on foreign trade, but also bought some property in succession. After 2006, they found income investment property business is far more than foreign trade, and can be easily carried out real estate using the bank’s loans. Subsequently, the couple started on a large scale buying real estate, as long as the brand real estate was opened, can see both husband and wife figure at the scene. Almost every decent quality of Nanjing’s developers new district where have their property. According to a rough estimate of their friends, the couple’s income in real estate transactions has more than 14.9 million dollars, the entire real estate assets from the original more than 14.9 million dollars are now conservatively estimated to be in more than 44.8 million dollars.

At noon yesterday, a reporter in the Itabashi golden ease city saw, despite the hot weather and long distances, and is working day at noon, district sales offices remain parked for more than 20 private cars. Sales offices had 20 groups of customers to understand the housing situation, in a 73 square meters model room, while four or five group of customers look at the house. Staff told reporters, since last weekend to accept the earnest money payment, three days they have received more than 400 group of earnest money, number of houses prices have slightly increased.

“You buy this house for own use or investment?” face the question of the staff, many buyers frankly said buy a house is used to investment. One investor told reporters that he had paid 8955 dollars earnest money, to get two room numbers; he would like to buy two houses here. However, given the pumping number and ballot, he is considering whether or not an additional 8955 dollars, to buy two room numbers, to increase the probability of pumping number and ballot. Golden Ease City responsible person also told reporters that, in their customers, there is one or two percent of clients are investors.

Not only the sales office of The Golden Ease City appeared investors figure, the number of new housing estate introduced last weekend, appeared investors figure more or less (wholesale electronics). South Agile relevant responsible person said that the launch of their total availability from the sale of 0.75 million dollars, most of the buyers are used to improve the living, but also a considerable portion of them going for two hands, one hand for their own living (China trade), on the other hand does not rule out the possibility of selling investments.from: wholesale products

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