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The Environmental Benefits Of Sash Window Restoration Are Good News For Home Owners

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Many home owners would be very surprised to find out about all the environmental benefits of sash window restoration. Indeed, the conservation of original sash windows can be a much better choice than spending money on new windows. Ironically, while many new window products are advertised with environmental credentials, the most environmentally friendly approach is to restore original sash windows.

In comparison to installing new windows, restoration is much less disruptive for the house and your living space. When replacing windows, it is possible cause damage to the plaster and walls. This is costly to fix. It also entails an environmental impact by expending more energy and materials.

The production of brand new windows also has environmental ramifications. The trend of replacing old sash windows with PVC has resulted in the production of more plastic. In contrast, making use of an original sash window is a more environmentally-conscious option.

Choosing new wood instead of PVC window frames is not an ideal solution either. Because of deforestation and pressure on natural resources, it is a better idea to reuse existing wood rather than to purchase it new. An added benefit is that old wood is usually stronger than the newer types which are sold on a large scale and produced cheaply.

Sash window restoration has an effect not just on ecology but on the immediate environment of the neighborhood. Aesthetically speaking, restored window frames are a better option than new PVC-type frames. The former looks better and compliments surrounding houses. Old sash windows also look suitable for the age of your property, whereas new window frames can look out of place.

The mechanics of sash windows allow them to provide a temperature regulation system. For example, in the summer, opening both sashes can keep your house from getting too hot. Warm air gets out at the top while cool air gets in through the lower sash. Sash windows are an eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning or fans. If you want to maximize the thermal efficiency of your sash windows, a professional can add sealing or extra glazing during restoration.

These are just some of the environmental benefits of sash window restoration. They are good news for your pocketbook too. Many times, restoring original features is much cheaper than installing them new. You can find contact details for sash window restoration experts online or in a telephone directory.

Find out more about why using sash window restoration London companies are better, more affordable and more environmentally friendly than replacing your sash windows.

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