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The Fundamentals Of Green Home Building

Todays Date: November 16, 2018

Here are the basic principles involved in green home building. Basic principles address the installation of energy efficient heating and cooling systems, electrical and plumbing systems, along with the latest architectural techniques. Global climate change is a growing concern. Home builders have begun to address the problems caused by global climate change. These principles should serve as simple guidelines to follow when planning construction or remodeling projects.

The technologies with the most potential are solar panels and wind power turbines. High efficient variable speed heat pumps must also be put into that category. Provisions of current federal tax law gives tax credits for the installation of alternative energy systems. Using tax credits will lower the total cost of installation making these technologies more cost effective. Home builders must constantly be aware of tax credits and other tax consequences.

For electric supply wind turbine power and photovoltaic solar cell panels are the most promising technologies currently being used. Photovoltaic cells are combined in arrays. They are attached to the house roof. Also mounted on the roof, wind turbines continue to improve in design and function. Both wind and solar systems interface with the electrical grid. Any excess energy produced by your solar and wind systems will be sold back to your utility company. Everyone should get into the habit of only using low energy LED and compact fluorescent lights.

Plumbing system must promote reduced water usage. Rainwater collection system will supply water to toilets, dish washers and clothe washing machines. Boost pumps used with in-demand water heating systems will reduced the cost of hot water heating. Water heating will be assisted with roof top thermal solar arrays. Further water reduction is realized with the use of low flow shower heads, faucets and toilets.

Another resource to be sustain is wood. The home design should endeavor to reduce the amount of wood used while simultaneously maximizing insulation. The goal is to wrap the home in a tight thermal seal. Structured insulated panels, which are a prefabricated wall unit consisting of insulating foam sandwiched between two pieces of wallboard, promote a high level of insulation. Structured insulated panels will reduce the amount of wood used in constructing the home and at the same time provide an increase coverage of insulation.

Architectural issues must be addressed appropriately. Site orientation is critical to alternative energy systems. Window design and placement is very important. Since a lot of equipment is placed on the roof, proper roof design must be considered.

The goal of attaining the highest degrees of energy efficiency is dependent upon proper insulation. The home will be wrapped in a thermal envelope. Open cell foam, which is sprayed into wall cavities, joist areas, roof decks and other areas, will seal these types of structural areas. The smaller gaps and slits left over from framing the home are also sealed using open cell foam. Structured insulated panels provide excellent level of insulation.

Now that you understand these basic concepts behind green home building, you will be a better position to select a contractor who reflects your values. Your new home will help sustain our beautiful planet. Focus on the major technological innovations that have made environmentally friendly home building techniques possible. Solar panels, wind turbines, heat pumps along with new architectural designs are available today.

Thomas Bleier is a professional carpenter and green building enthusiast. In a addition to writing about green home building, Thomas also covers urban gardening, permaculture, and clean energy.

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