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The Key to using MySpace Real Estate Marketing Virally

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

I know it sounds terrible, but “viral marketing” has nothing to do with a “computer virus”. So what is viral marketing? Just what it sounds like; marketing so powerful that it spreads like a virus, getting one person after the other in a rapid fashion.

It’s also known as buzz marketing, using its smart tactics to create a huge “buzz” among social networks online. Real estate investors especially, like agents, brokers, and the like, have harnessed the power of viral marketing. It’s time for you to be in on the secret.

Let me give you a clear example. Picture sending an email, message or bulletin about one aspect of real estate to 100 people, and 15 of those 100 send it to 100 more, and 15 of those folks send it to 100 more and so on and so forth, until you have reached hundreds of thousands.

This is the very genius behind viral marketing. It’s about getting your message out to exponentially more people than you ever could have by conventional means. It seems sneaky, but you can basically target prospects that will then be converted to your message and begin to promote it.

When you tap into the secret power of the popularity of online games, videos, graphics, and other programs on sites like YouTube, you’ll create a great network of friends and proponents of your business.

I see it all the time, huge mistakes that inexperienced real estate MySpace marketers make. They try and utilize similar strategies you incorporate on a sales page on their profile. I highly advise against a profile full of product promotions.

I can’t stand to see another real estate marketer make another whopping mistake on MySpace, but it happens more than you can imagine. This can greatly hinder your future growth. Don’t make your profile look like a big promo ad, glaring in everyone’s face. Not only will it look like Spam and people will be turned off by it, but MySpace might just pull your profile for unregulated solicitation.

And not only that, but MySpace will erase your account so that you can’t participate in the network at all if you just look like a cheap solicitor. You simply want your profile to draw a huge friend list, in the easiest, timeliest way possible. Then you can market to your friends softly.

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