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The Murano Glass Chandelier Is A Piece Of Art

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

When many people are asked to think about chandeliers often times different pictures come to their minds. For most people they think of people that are extremely wealthy owning a chandelier made of crystals hanging from their dining room ceiling.

Many people believe that Murano glass is only used for jewelry and small trinkets. If you believe that these are the only things that the hand blown glass are used for then you are mistaken. Murano glass is avidly used to make cups, plates, different pieces of art and of course the infamous chandelier.

A lot of people are under the assumption that Murano glass is used solely for jewelry and nothing else. However, despite what you may have heard concerning Murano glass it is used for so many different things which include plates, art pieces, vases as well as chandeliers.

Upon looking at a Murano glass chandelier you will notice that the base of the structure as well as the body, axis and finials of the piece are made from 100% pure hand blown Murano glass. The structures are completely breathtaking at first glance.

These chandeliers are setting the standard of what a chandelier should look like to many onlookers. It is absolutely beautiful and extremely decadent.

Upon gazing at a Murano glass chandelier you will probably notice a few things different about the pieces in comparison to other chandeliers on the market. Many Murano glass chandeliers will bear some means of a pattern on them.

One thing that allows a lot of people to tell these chandeliers apart from others it the fact that the glass actually has a translucent color tint to it. Normally the chandeliers bare some means of a primary color to them.

One of the awesome things about the chandeliers is their glass is often painted with one of the primary colors such as different reds, blues, and even yellows.

Many people think that a chandelier must always hang from the ceiling, this perception is wrong. The Murano glass chandelier can hang on a wall or rest nicely on an attractive table. If you simply believe that you cannot live without having a Murano chandelier of your own, you can purchase one for close to a thousand dollars. Some of the most decadent Murano glass chandeliers can run into the tens of thousands.

Cody Scholberg writes about the black chandelier and crystal chandeliers.

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