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The Problem With Secondary Glazing And Condensation (Moisture Build-Up)

Todays Date: November 21, 2018

Secondary – and double-glazing are both tried and true methods of making a building more energy efficient. Both will reduce heating and cooling costs and also lessen carbon-dioxide emissions. Both work well but are certainly not equal in their efficiency or functionality. For one thing, there is an on-going problem with secondary glazing and condensation. This is not such a problem with double-panes.

If you choose to install double-glazed windows you should see savings on your energy bill, reducing it to about one half of its current amount. A high-quality double-paned window is very efficient at its job, which is to reduce heat loss and insulate against outside noise and air pollution. Your home will be cleaner and quieter and, most of all, more comfortable and efficient.

One reason double glazing is so effective is because of the insulating space between the two panes of glass. This may be filled with air, gas (such as argon) or left empty (with a slight vacuum). This space acts as an insulating barrier and must be properly sealed in order to function correctly.

Sometimes ‘Low Emissivity’ (Low-E) glass is used, which significantly increases the window’s efficiency. This Low-E coating, applied to one side of the glass pane, is able to keep the heat in your house by bouncing it back when it’s trying to escape through the window. At the same time, Low-E allows the sun’s solar rays through, making good use of the sun’s warmth. It’s a great technological innovation.

Because an air-tight seal is critical for double-glazed windows to perform properly, condensation (moisture build-up) is a rarity. Secondary glazing, however, does have problems in this area, due to its configuration. These are windows applied from the home’s interior, right over the existing windows (usually single-glazed units). This method is not nearly as efficient as replacement with double-glazed models but may still be the best (or only) option in some cases.

For one thing, secondary glazing can be used even in Conservation areas and may be installed without planning consent. If your home is listed this may be your only viable option. In that case a few things should be considered.

Secondary glazing and condensation problems associated with this method of upgrading your windows is something to consider. They will also cut your energy bill and reduce your emissions but only about half as much as the double-glazed units. Half, of course, is better than none and, in some cases may be the only alternative. Consider the options.

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