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Three-iron three devices four anti two foolproof security

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Approval by the City recruit, the reporter came to the entrance, “the core” part – the papers confidential room for visit.Out the Jining City secret storage room keeping college entrance examination papers, a thick iron gate blocking the reporter’s attention. Reporters noted that not only is the Iron Gate, security room windows also installed on the iron railing. Inadvertently looked up and found installed on the ceiling in the corridor of a surveillance camera quietly “spy” in accordance with their own … because of confidentiality, the reporter could not enter, only came to the recruitment center on the third floor of Jining City, Jining City, through the National Education examinations online service inspection platform command center inside the chamber of secret facilities for a closer look. “When I saw the big metal cargo it? College entrance exam papers on the store opening where the side, sitting on the sofa arrangements for care of our examination staff, nursing papers to 24-hour shift …” pointing to the big screen the secret room within the facility, Jining City, director of the Center Ma Xinling told the reporter.

Ma director told reporters, Jining City sets a total of 13 papers kept secret rooms this year. Stored in the secret room on the college entrance examination papers of technical protection level, Jining City, so that the three iron (secret room installed bars, steel doors, metal cargo containers), the three devices (secret room equipped with fire extinguishers, alarms, monitor), four anti-(water, fire, vermin, theft), the two together (network monitoring, network alarm), to achieve a seamless security monitoring room 24 hours (security officer equipment). In order to ensure foolproof security, Jining City, recruitment, public security departments have also formed the Joint Inspection Unit (cctv security equipment); dynamic check the city test sites secret rooms. Meanwhile, arrange personnel 24-hour care the examination papers. from: security camera equipment

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