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Tips For Real Estate Owners Wanting To Lease Their Land

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

If you are a land owner, you may want to know some tips for real estate owners wanting to lease their land. There are many different ways to lease out your property, and you should explore your options before you move forward with this idea.

Many farmers are in need of more land to produce their crops. They may offer to lease your land for a larger crop than they had the year before, because they now have the following and customers. This could be a great opportunity for a land owner, because you are giving the farmer a chance to improve his living, and also allowing him to provide food to others. When the harvesting time comes along, you might want to speak to this farmer about exchanging some produce for some money back.

A billboard company lease may be a fine way to make a monthly profit. The billboard company will make a profit, too, of course. But in this instance, your land would need to have road frontage with lots of traffic that would be reading the billboard. It must make sense for this company to place their billboard opportunity there, and in turn, it will make sense for another company to take advantage of that billboard spot and advertise there.

Remote areas are also good for cell phone towers and other towers that may need to provide a signal to their customers in that area. You may want to contact these companies to see what their interest in leasing your land might be.

If you find someone who would like to build on your property, this may be an excellent opportunity for you, as well. A person may have a business where they need to place a building in the area where your land is. The business owner will need to know if this is a commercially zoned area, or if it can be changed to accommodate him.

As he builds, he will pay rent, and as the company occupies the new building they will continue to pay. In this way, they establish themselves, and it becomes difficult for them to move from that spot. But if they are doing well, they may need to move in order to expand. Then you are left with a building that you can rent out yourself.

Others may desire to lease your land for hunting or camping, if it is conducive to these types of activities. They may even start a camp and charge others to stay there. This brings up the mobile home idea. You can lease your land to people with recreational vehicles and mobile homes, provided you either have them e self-sustained, or you provide well water and showers, and so forth. There are many great opportunities when you look into tips for real estate owners wanting to lease their land.

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