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Tips on Prospecting To Generate New Leads

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Ever notice how difficult it is to start a project? Then once you start it, it easily becomes a creature of habit. Take for example an exercise program. We keep putting it off but once we start, we ask ourselves, “why didn’t do this earlier?” We seem to have the same mindset with proactive prospecting. We continue to find excuses not to prospect even though we know how productive and the positive results that will come from it. So why is it that we will make every excuse in the world not to do it?

We need to have a starting point. Begin by blocking out one or two hours per day to prospect. Yes, we have put it off long enough. Start by using your sphere of influence to prospect. Prospecting, like anything will require commitment and discipline. This time is yours and you are important. Once you start you will feel more important and this will be a positive projection of your attitude when you talk with your sphere of influence.

Have a specific message. Everyone needs to hear the latest news of markets conditions in your area. It’s likely that they have some misinformation and you can become the expert to help them get a more accurate picture.

Make as many contacts as possible. Before prospecting, you should always take the time to properly define your target market, and try to reach as many of those people as possible.

Be prepared with a list of names from your personal Sphere of Influence before you call. Not being prepared with a list of names will force you to devote much, if not all of your prospecting hour, to finding the names you need. Have at least a one month supply of names on hand at all times.

Remember you have set aside some time for prospecting. Work in an area without interruption. Don’t answer calls or schedule meetings during this time. As you start going through your calls, you will find each call will become easier and easier. Before you know it, you will feel like a pro. You will learn as you go and practice makes perfection.

Experience and surveys have shown that the best times to contact customers is 8 AM to 9 AM, between Noon and 1 PM and 5 PM to 6:30 PM. If you are missing a customer between certain hours, then it’s best to make note of that and call them at a different time. Chances are if you continue to call at the same time and the customer is not available, they will continue to be unavailable during that time block.

Don’t stop. Persistence is one of the key virtues in selling success. Most sales/valuable contacts are made after the fifth call, and most sales people quit after the first.

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