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Toronto Homes For Sale – Monica Itiniant Toronto West Realtor

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Did you know that the Bloor West Village is Canada’s latest BIA (Business Improvement Area), established in’70 by Alex Ling. Shortly thereafter the next BIA concept extended to other parts of the urban center and North America? Bloor West Village comprises of more than 440 shops, eateries and services as is widely known as one of most popular shopping regions in Toronto. Many of the households in the Bloor West Village have terrific front porches that are well shaded by the high oak and maple trees that line the streets of this vicinity. Bloor West Village has slowly aged into a tremendous mixing of big-city convenience and small-town atmosphere. And let me state you cant go bad buying real estate in this area, as it appreciates very good in a short 5, 10 year time period. This area always has great Toronto Homes for sale.

One passing stroll down the Bloor West Village area will let you to learn how much of a wonderful community it is in one of the most coveted neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area to live in. This area is simply one of the most prosperous and wanted after retail locations in the Greater Toronto Area, it is a quintessential veteran Toronto neighbourhood.

On the real estate sales side, recent real estate data demonstrates in fact that the Bloor West Village is, and has been for over 15 years an extremely preferable place to live, and through time, it’s as hot in sales terms, as the GTA can get. As an masterful sales representative in the Bloor West Village I can obtain you the latest Bloor West Village MLS listings and keep you familiar on real estate in this area, Toronto West, Ontario and any encompassing areas you may have an involvement in. It’s a must-buy area for any Torontoian, realtors, appraisers, surveyors, historians, and mortgage brokers, along with those of us who displace to this fantastic city.

The Jane and Runnymede subway stations are a big part of the Bloor-Danforth subway line, very well traveled and are both within a minute or two walking spaces of the homes in Bloor West Village. There is even extended parking located nearby and are steps from the Runnymede subway station. The QEW is merely ten minutes away and the 401 is only 20 minutes away, Sherway Gardens is only twenty minutes away, there are umpteen malls in a short driving distance as well as High Park is possibly a brisk 5 minute drive away.

High Park, one of our metropolises greatest parks, provides the beauty of nature and the convenience of Bloor West Village. Notably well known for being a great school district, there are steps to some shops and the Bloor subway making it a smooth access area to transit via the subway or a commute to the downtown heart by the QEW.

The Bloor West Village is a wonderful community, with hot real estate properties in one of the most delectable neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area. On a cultural mention, the Bloor West Village Ukrainian Festival, which keeps the outstanding Ukrainian influence alert in the community, takes place in August of each year and is one of the city’s most popular events.

As a real estate agent, I can find you any information you need for this area. With the streets of Bloor West textured with old trees and the roads moderately wide, it is nice to recognize it is a outstanding child friendly neighborhood with quite a few recreation centers, parks and a few very well interpreted schools close such as Public Elementary School – Annette Jr. … Sr., Public High School – Humberside Collegiate Institute, Western Technical Commercial School, and finally Catholic Elementary School – St. Cecilia or St. Pius X. There are also a few private schools – Montessori High Park School, and Montessori Humberside School.

Some entertaining demographics and facts about the Bloor West Village are: the average home price is $490,000, average property taxes $4500, main population age between 20-49, and the average house income is well over $125,000. The Bloor West Village has slowly matured into an exceptional mixing of big-city convenience and small-town ambiance.

For more information on this perfectly fantastic area, please give me a call at 416-523-1315, ask for Monica Itiniant. I am an agent that you can turn to, specializing in Toronto Homes for sale.

When you need great real estate advice from a trusted professional. Enjoy the benefits of a productive agent and call Monica Itiniant, she can help you with finding Toronto Homes for sale

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