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Understanding Merits And Demerits Of Survey Methods

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

The surveys are very important part of policy making today. The important consideration is that the surveys have to be unbiased. If there is something wrong with the survey, it may have drastic consequences on policy making. The defective surveys more often turn to be biased leading to the development of policy which does no good to the companies.

Where do things go wrong?

The growing essences of surveys have increased their frequency, making the outsourcing a good option. There are a number of websites which have become a very good source of these surveys who in turn get these done by paying the people who do these online.

Very often, in order to make some quick money people complete the survey consulting only a few people. This tends to make the survey biased and problematic. Though websites Yellowsurveys.com have devised the ways to combat it but a number of others have not.

Merits and demerits on top survey methods

There are a number of survey methods and there are good things associated with each. A few commonly practiced survey methods with their pros and cones are:-

Mail Surveys:-

This type of survey has a long history. The modern polling system may have got modernized but this survey is its base. Initially people would develop a questionnaire and get it printed, a practice that is still practiced though at a lower frequency. These questionnaires are sent to the people to complete.

This method is probably one of the oldest in use and has importance of being easy to practice and cost effective. The problem with this method is that it is not that effective. The first problem is the difficulty to make the people participate in these. The second is the casual approach of the participants.

Telephonic Surveys:-

This is the most common method practiced these days. Here the representatives make the direct calls to the people (customers). This may have been the best method but suffers from the problem of unwillingness of the people to pay heed to it.

This can be made the best in use if the caller knows the right way of pitch. It actually is very difficult to determine the perfect timing. Morning everyone is in a rush to reach the office. At the evening time people seem to be tired and the like. Holidays seem to be a perfect option.

Personal Interview:-

This is probably the most effective way of conducting the surveys. Here you meet the people in person, one by one. The significance of this type of survey is that you will get the realistic data which is the best as for as use in strategy making is concerned. This survey, however, suffers from the point of view of cost and time. If you go and meet the people in person, it is bound to cost too much and takes a lot of time. Even if you call all them at one place still it costs significantly high.

Internet Surveys:-

This is the method which is persistent these days. This method has been successful to a large extent. The growing number of websites that pay money to the people for completing the surveys is a testimony to that. The only problem is that, sometimes, these surveys tend to biased where the people resort to ways like providing ideas themselves in order to make the quick money. However, a few websites have devised ways to make most out these surveys. For instance, Yellowsurveys.com pays the people higher when they give good surveys consistently.

Any survey can be good if you know how to combat its demerits. Still the internet surveys are the easiest to practice with greater effect.

Surveys form an important component of decision making process. Yellowsurveys.com is a very good website to complete surveys and pays better to the people, participating.

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