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Using a Professional Real Estate Staging Consultant

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

Furniture in most homes is arranged in a comfortable way. A way that feels like someone lives in the house and is relaxed and content there. Unfortunately while furniture and decor placed in this way can make guests to your home feel welcome, that feeling may actually hinder you if you are trying to sell a home. If a home is on the market, the home needs to show potential buyers that they can turn that house into whatever they want. It needs to show them that there is enough space in the home for their family.

Sometimes what you try to do isn’t what it comes out as. There are ways to work around all of the above. Hiring a professional home staging consultant might be what you need.

For example, if there is formal living room with a sectional sofa, they may move the sofa into another room and put more elegant looking furniture in the living room. This accents the main focal point of the room which is the fire place. Another trick is if there is a large kitchen that has enough space for a table but also has an eat This is a neat trick because a kitchen is a usually the most visited room in a house.

You will find that home staging consultants do more than just move furniture. There are a few things they do to make a house work in the buyers favor. Many times home stagers add their own touches. There have been some houses where they bring in their own furniture and put the families furniture in storage.

They may replace a large awkward shaped piece with something smaller with fine lines. A smaller piece makes a room seem bigger than it actually is. They can also change the color of paint on the walls. If there is a dark painted room, the color may be changed to a soft neutral hue to make it appear larger than it is.

Sometimes you need someone looking from the outside to sell a home. Some people think they don’t need to hire anyone. You can’t go wrong with hiring a professional home staging consultant. You have a better chance of selling. This is great for houses that might have trouble selling. Doing this increases your chances.

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