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What Is Sash Window Restoration?

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

Sash window restoration is not such a commonplace art any more. With everyone scaling up, making room for more, and replacing the old with the new even before considering its value, the sash window has suddenly become an iconic piece of art work.

The sash window has been seen by most of us at one time or another. We often recognize it by sight rather by name. It is a window created generally of six small panes that are stacked in two rows of three. These squares of glass are held tightly together by small, thin pieces of wood that we call muntin. These muntin are part of the window’s structure and often require small restorative efforts as well.

Homes with sash windows generally are easy to spot. These are windows commonly found in home of the Victorian or Georgian design that are authentically designed. The sash window is a panel on panel framework, usually made up of about six panels within a single window. Each panel is then held tightly in place, as well as separated from each other, by a thin piece of wood known as a muntin bar.

Sash window restoration requires the skillful ability to remove broken or painted pieces of window only within the panel that is affected. Then, the skilled replacement consists of recreating the pane and replacing it, creating an airtight seal.

These are not drafty windows nor are they particularly poor at insulating, even when they are in their original condition. You can always tell a high quality sash window restoration by the look and feel of the seal. If there is no seal, air comes in through the window.

Sash window restoration has become an art form as there are fewer skilled crafts people that can truly handle the job. Fortunately, the sash window is still iconic enough that more people are looking toward restoration over replacement.

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