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What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

Regardless of the real estate company, you will find agents of varying skill levels. Some agents view their work as a job while others are real enterprising people looking for the next opportunity. The most important thing when choosing a real estate agent is to ask questions and pay attention to the answers provided. The process of choosing should not be rushed in that you want someone you know is working for you, helping to get you the most money for the purchase or sell of your home while keeping expenses to a minimum.

Remember, when creating a contract with the agent, you want everything to have a positive spin on it for you. We recommend that when an agreement is made with an agent, a timeframe be included after which you would have the right to review the situation and then stay with the agent or choose someone different.

Yes, most real estate agents are honest, hard-working professionals, yet some are simply searching for prospective buyers and then offering some type of scheme that is fast. Though a qualified agent would know the right moves to sell or close the deal as soon as possible and for the most amount of money, bear in mind that any offer of moving things along extra fast for money should raise a red flag. As a customer you deserve the right to be informed and know the things for which your money is paying.

In choosing the right real estate agent, you also need to investigate him or her too. You should take time to research the company the agent works for, and look at information for current listings being managed, and look at MLS listings on the internet of homes being sold.

And finally, before you begin to look for a real estate agent, remember that you are the customer. The real estate agent you choose will be making thousands of dollars for handling your property purchase or sale so you will be needing someone that is dedicated and willing to work hard to make positive things happen. You should be contacted regularly but you also have the right to ask for a status report as a part of his or her job.

Mike Boman is a real estate investor based in Boston. He is a former estate agent and writes widely about issues related to real estate and finance. He is an expert in establishing online house buying companies both in the US and UK.

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