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What to Look for When Shopping for Upper East Side Condominium

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

There are New York luxury condominiums and then there are New York luxury condominiums. When your hard work and determination finally pay off and its time to start shopping for a new Manhattan condo, you want to be certain that you make the right choice. To assist with your quest in finding the Upper East Side condominium that is perfect for you, weve compiled a list of practical things to look for when shopping for the one that features the Manhattan condo amenities that you want and need. Here are some of the things to look for when shopping for an Upper East Side condominium:

Professional and competent building management ” Youre better off selecting a New York condo building that is managed by a professional property management firm as they have a vested interest in making sure that their clients are content and that maintenance is performed properly and in a timely manner. If a condo building is self-managed, personality conflicts and other hassles among the owners have a tendency to interfere with the day-to-day business of managing the building.

Happy residents ” Consider attending the condo association meetings of the Upper East Side condo buildings that interest you. Observe how the board addresses owner complaints and speak with a few owners to gauge their happiness with the buildings management. Happy residents are a very good indication of a well-run building.

Condo association bylaws that you can live with ” Pay special attention to the condo associations bylaws as they can occasionally include some quirky rules that may cramp your style. Too many condo owners consider bylaws an afterthought and pay little attention to them until they get a warning of some kind from their condo association.

Manhattan condo amenities ” New York condo amenities not only extend your living space, they also enrich your quality of life. Examine the shared building amenities as closely as you inspect the condos that interest you as you will be paying for these amenities each month. If they do not meet your expectations, keep looking.

Close proximity to main mass transit routes ” This is a huge factor as the further you are from the main lines, the more time you will spend commuting to and from work each day. One of the truly under appreciated luxuries of a New York luxury condo is being steps away from an express bus route or train stop.

Nearby green spaces ” New Yorks parks serve as both front and back yards for New York condo owners and we all crave open green spaces for the simple pleasures of being outside on a beautiful day. Being able to stroll to a nearby park instead of hopping on a bus to get there is an under appreciated Manhattan condo amenity.

Check for special assessments ” Before closing on your Upper East Side condo, be on the lookout for any special assessments on the property as these can broadside unwary owners and result in a significant additional expense.

Any unresolved violations incurred by the current owner ” Look out for any unresolved violations that the current condo owner has failed to remedy. Signing a purchase agreement might transfer any liabilities and expenses of violations from their responsibility to yours.

Any pending litigation against the condo association ” Pending litigation against the condo association frequently causes special assessments and hikes in condo association fees. Consider having a real estate attorney look for any pending lawsuits against the building or condo association before signing any documents.

An Upper East Side condo that fits your needs now and for the foreseeable future ” This consideration may be listed last but it is certainly not the least of what to look for when shopping for your Upper East Side condo. Too many times, we make decisions based on wants instead of needs. To avoid buyers remorse that you will literally be living with, make sure that the condo meets your needs before addressing your wants in an Upper East Side condominium.

This list of things to look for when shopping for an Upper East Side condominium covers most of the practical aspects to consider and in the course of reading it you have probably added some of your own to the list. To help ensure that a new Manhattan condo is right for you, sit down before shopping and make a list of wants and needs and plan on adding to it over time. Buying property is a major decision and you want to give yourself every opportunity to make the right choice the first time!

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