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Why Chose To No To Vinyl Windows And Rebuild Your Original Historic Wooden Windows

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

You will often be advised to replace the wooden windows in your home with aluminum or plastic windows. Before you make the decision to replace older wooden windows, consider the following reasons to say no to plastic windows and restore your original historic wooden windows.

When those wooden windows were built, it was planned that they would last the lifetime of your home. If they are kept painted so they do not rot, many of those old wooden windows have been known to last for two centuries or longer. The wooden pieces are all made in such a way that they can easily be taken apart so that any rotten wood can be replaced. Finding replacement parts can be difficult, but any good cabinet shop should be able to replicate the part needing to be replaced.

Plastic windows are only built to last on the average for twenty years before replacement. The chemicals that keep the vinyl flexible decompose over time and the plastic becomes brittle and needs to be replaces as the plastic of the windows will break.

The double glazed vinyl window is often held out as a cure to winter weather for your home. Good quality wood windows that have storm windows placed over them actually make a better insulator than the best of the vinyl double glazed windows. There is more air trapped between the glass with the storm window.

A storm window does not have the problems cause by leaking gaskets of double glazed windows. You will not have windows that are permanently fogged due to this problem. Storm windows can be removed and windows can be cleaned inside and out.

The greatest advantage of the wood windows is their looks. A plastic window with plastic bars attached over the glass does not replicate the authentic look of a wooden window.

Restoring those historic wooden windows in your home will improve the looks of the home and will also increase the value of your home for many years to come. If windows are restored properly, there is no reason that they cannot last at least another 100 years.

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