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Why Italy Real Estate Investors Are Flocking To Lake Iseo

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

The more popular Lakes Como, Maggiore, Garda and Orta pull the hordes of visitors. However, an increasing number of foreigners investing in Italian Lakes real estate are disregarding the hordes of tourists and instead choosing the peaceful shores of Lake Iseo, almost unheard of beyond the country’s borders but one that is no less appealing than Italy’s more famous lakes.

Iseo boasts just as enticing vacation homes to buy, in particular if the property has exquisite views over  the shore. There is one crucial difference: they are much more affordable, often costing scarcely half of what one would pay in Lake Garda, 20 miles to the east. For instance around US$275,000 should get you a three-bedroom villa near the lake, while from just $135,000 you can buy a two-bedroom lake-view apartment.

Additionally, four international airports lie less than 90km away – three in and around Lombardy’s capital Milan and the fourth in Brescia. A clear pointer to the rising appeal of this secret treasure can be observed in the increasing number of cars with Dutch, Belgian, French and German number plates on Iseo’s charming lanes and roads in the holiday season.

Ms Stef Russo, head of Italian property search specialists The Property Organiser said: “We’re advising our clients who are looking at the Lakes to certainly take a look at Iseo. It’s an area that is relatively unknown, untainted by overwhelming numbers of visitors and within good vicinity of a clutch of airports as well as the Swiss border. We believe real estate values here can only go up in the next few years.”

To reinforce the point, house prices throughout the country’s Lakes region went down by more than 4% – reaching nearly 9% in some towns overlooking Lake Maggiore, a report last year by property conglomerate Tecnocasa revealed. Around Lake Iseo, however, there was a fall of under 2%.

Lake Iseo is between Lake Como to the west and Garda to the east and a few kilometres north of Brescia and Bergamo. Milan is around 85km south-west, or 90 minutes by road and 60 by rail.

It is the country’s seventh largest lake, some 15 miles long and three miles wide , runs north to south and is sheltered by mountains. It is an idyllic retreat for swimmers, divers, sailors, windsurfers, water-skiers and anglers.

Iseo’s waters enclose the scenic Monte Isola, with around 2,000 inhabitants. The 3km long island is linked to the shore by ferry services from a number of towns. With practically no cars, the island has an oasis-like calm and is tailor-made to be seen on foot or bicycle. The island is also known net-making industry, which started with fishing nets but later expanded to include hammocks and tennis and volleyball nets.

Returning to the lake’s shores, the eastern banks house the prettiest towns and villages, such as Sulzano, Sale Marasino and Iseo, with a steeper, rockier landscape on the opposite shores. Iseo is home to the greatest number of visitor attractions, including an unfinished 900-year old church.

The surrounding countryside has several monasteries, abbeys and castles that can be discovered by exploring on foot, cycle or horseback. And in winter, the ski slopes of Montecampione are particularly popular.

Adriana Giglioli writes for Homes and Villas Abroad, who advertise nearly 3,000 houses for sale in Italy. Her areas of expertise include property Sicily and Calabria properties.

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