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Why should you market your articles?

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

People write articles about the industry they belong to and then they post it to different websites online to increase the visibility of their posts and make their product popular. This whole process is called article marketing. It simply means submitting unique pieces of writing about your product to article directories on the web. The whole point of indulging into this exercise is to attract traffic on to your web page. People submit articles to reputed article directories like Ezine or Articlebase. Being visible on these directories increases the worth of your article and hence your product.
Benefits of Article Marketing
The first and foremost benefit of article marketing is that it helps in search engine optimization. Whenever any topic which is even remotely linked to your product is being searched, your link will appear in the search results if the ratings of your page are good according to some well-known directories. Hence it creates valuable back links and brings quality traffic on to your page.
Along with this, article marketing brings a lot of reputation and credibility to your page. Once taken by good article directories, your article and your product earns a lot of trust from the experts of that field as well as the prospective customers who read it. It also builds your image as a ‘pro’ in the industry, because of the quality of your articles and the sites that accept them.
It invites a lot of pre-selling traffic. Generally, customers do not buy your product right away. They need more information than provided in the article to make that decision. So, they are pulled to your website after reading your article. They search for the right amount of information and then put up their queries, which if properly adhered to can turn them into your actual customers too.
It generates long term and quality traffic for your page. Your article remains in the search engine for a very long period of time which produces a constant amount of traffic for the years to come. Also, if you become popular in a certain theme, your article might make you a source that people look up to for proper clarification of their queries.
If your article is duly recognized by renowned article directories, it is ought to be read by qualitative audience and several links are transferred pointing back to your page. This activity increases your page ratings in various search engines. Hence your task of amassing traffic to your site, which is kind of a herculean task for the beginners, is sorted because you get traffic automatically without paying a single penny for it.

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