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WIN-WIN-WIN for Florida property Investors!

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Yes it might sound a little too sales orientated right now but in the midst of all the gobbledygook that is out there about where to invest and what to invest in. Also the know it all’s who say buy my book or buy my video on super duper investment opportunities. Yes I am fed up of getting emails from these so called investments Guru’s telling me why I should buy their book or look at their web conference or buy gold or bonds through them and everything else they can think of to offer.

They really don’t know anything except how to offer you their opinion for money!

The real clever investors say nothing and when they give a tip they most likely do it for nothing as they do not want to be held responsible if the tip does not come off. As we all know there is no definite certainty when it comes to Investment. All we can do is collect the facts and if all the positives greatly outweigh the negatives then we can consider the investment.

The experts who want you to buy their so called expert advice just want to make money out of you!

Our advice to the general public comes FREE and is formed from the experiences we have gathered through our Broker Justin who has over 30 years of investment experience.  Justin does not want to say how far over the 30 years his experience goes, however suffice to say that he was a Banker for many years before he took up real estate brokerage.

The advice and help we give our investors comes from our vast experience in the finance and property market! There are no “health warnings” attached! We may in the future have to insert “wealth warnings” as we give good sound advice and if followed by investors they should make plenty of money.

We believe that for real estate investment opportunity now, that it is very hard to beat Florida!

Yes Florida has the opportunities in abundance, there are so many real estate opportunities there and with Florida being one of the fastest growing States in the U.S. property is set to recover in the future. Florida has a very pleasant climate with a few hundred sun drenched days every year for free. So it is a great environment for workers and Family’s to grow up in. Florida for those hard workers and high earners has no income tax, and that in my book is too good to miss.

Justin Trapp our Broker has a variety of properties that are in very good condition and indeed some of these are brand new and available from $40,000. We have inspected these properties and can recommend them on both their condition and location and indeed some come already let out.

Justin also has an investment for investors who would like to obtain a Visa or Green card in the U.S.

Yes indeed we have commercial ventures and real estate investment proposals that can both earn you a good return and also afford you the opportunity to avail of a visa or green card to the U.S. Please contact us regarding these and we will put you in touch directly with Justin so you can avail of these great investment plans.

See below>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Florida –Property-Direct does not just talk the investment talk, we also “walk the investment walk”

Our advice is free, we have our Broker deal direct with you and he will represent you through your real estate transaction to completion free of charge. He will source and carry out due diligence on your choice of investment and advise on the growth potential or lack of it if appropriate. We never flinch from offering our advice to investors even if it goes against our investor’s opinion, as we have their best investment interests as a priority. We believe that it is important that our investors are fully informed on all investment projects before commitment.

So our advice to all investors is that Florida real estate is ripe now for opportunistic investment!

So contact Justin at www.florida-poperty-direct.com

Justin Trapp.

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