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Taking Your Company Public – “The Princeton Effect” – The Most Powerful Economic Movement In 100 Years

April 24th, 2014 Comments off

For decades economic realities have been placed under a black veil of secrecy with its truths and lies known only to the institutional banking elite and we the public just stand like an ocean of monkeys. The system was never exposed, insiders never spoke out.

Yes, this industry has been nothing but lies and chaos, that is, until about 8 years ago. A small consulting firm called Princeton Corporate Solutions began to take this insider knowledge and make it available through very public articles and blogs. The blog on their website is one of the premier global economics and IPO blog stops on every economist’s pilgrimage to seeking and using investment banking, global commerce and IPO knowledge written by the hands of the masters.

The PCS blog does something that no other financial blog in the world does, they take away the technical jargon and in plain English, patiently and painstakingly take the reader by the hand and show them how something like having a personal bank account with a top tier institutional lender can be adding debt to your children’s tax liability 20 years from now.

They talk about the ‘unspoken’ truths of how if a country wants to hurt another country that is not cooperating with insiders, then the insiders want to impose economic sanctions on these decanters and inflict pain by damaging trade relations, threatening IMF intervention or liquidating currency holding to further damage the company who’s not playing by the rules of the establishment. Taking the military into a country is more for statement than anything as economic sanctions are the most powerful tool of war without lifting a single gun and the goal is to get the citizens of the country fed up and wound up so that they force internal changes within their borders to get those sanctions lifted but this rarely happens. The economy will eventually weaken and big business will step in with fists full of Uncle Sam’s money and start introducing the locals to the finer things in life, the luxuries that they could have but their president doesn’t want them to have them etc.

The exposing of how institutional insiders and politicians toy with the system is now termed ‘The Princeton Affect’ named after Princeton Corporate Solutions. “I think it’s a Wall Street Thing” says James Scott, CEO of PCS, “I just got so sick of hearing the lies on TV and having all the zombies at home watching and believing all this garbage. All we are trying to do is help the little guy understand what he is truly up against when trying to run the company in this economy.”

Global economics affects everyone with a pulse on the planet yet so few people understand it, ‘The Princeton Affect’ is the crystallization and simplifying technical economic issues in a way for the common man to increase knowledge and understanding on how to best protect oneself and grow during this difficult time as a business owner or C level executive.

Want to find out more about the Number One Financial blog on internet?, then Brad Heatherington suggests this site on how to choose the best Globalization Consultants for your needs.

International Expansion Strategies – OTC Bulletin Board – James Scott

November 20th, 2012 Comments off

Going public, the ultimate in the evolution of companies who are seeking access to powerful global finance options for rapid expansion, deepening corporate roots and gaining industry prominence as a true powerhouse and player. The process of going public is technical yet pretty straight forward: business plan, Private Placement Memorandum, Direct Public Offering, Financial Audit, S-1 filing, SEC comments phase, SEC approval, FINRA approval, symbol and then you’re public.

Never price shop for consultants that take companies public and be weary of consultants that will start off a conversation by answering questions geared toward price and giving you quotes without understanding your business first; without the proper information a realistic quote can’t be given anyway.

When you’ve found a consultant that you’re comfortable with you’ll need to get a solid understanding of their full range of services. Of course you’ll want a consulting firm that will handle all of the above for your company but you’ll also need to consider the post IPO services. What happens after you’re public? The reality is, selling off stock in a rapid fashion to raise capital is the last thing you want to do, instead you need to approach your consultant and market maker on how to cross collateralize your securities to raise equity loan capital.

This can be done easily and quickly if you’ve brought on the right group of advisers to expand your company to the global public. When considering the idea of taking your company public it’s important to note that there are many ways to raise capital after you are public without selling off chunks of your company (consult your financial advisers for more information).

Next, when deciding on a consultant they should also have solid investor relationships to assist your company in raising the capital necessary to go public. A true turn-key consultant will have a database of investors seasoned in the process of pre-IPO finance and will often times jump at the chance of investing in the PPM and DPO phase at a discount for companies that are in the process of going public as this almost guarantees that the investor will double or triple their initial investment when the company achieves public status.

Out of the hundreds of consulting firms that offer the ‘take your company public’ service, there are only a dozen or so that actually offer the complete full range of services needed to successfully accomplish public status in a way that maintains investor confidence and corporate longevity. Do your research and find a firm that is well seasoned in the turbulent waters of this industry.

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Taking Your Company Public And Asian Expansion

April 17th, 2014 Comments off

Global consultants are all preaching the need for IPOs and eastern expansion into major Chinese markets but very few have the knowledge on exactly how to accomplish this and even less have the contacts to make such ventures happen.

In order for a company make a cross boarder expansion into a massive market like China work the consulting firm must have powerful local and federal government contracts as well as regional and local business leaders that can support the transition. Get ready to make payoffs as this is still the way developing nations operate and during an audit there are always three sets of books, one set the company shows the government for taxes, one they show to clients to earn their business and then the actual books which are only shown to insiders. Without the proper synergies in place by the consultant and the regional power-base you can forget a trouble free expansion. Consultants who are taking their clients public in the United States and then engineering international expansion and global strategic alliances are connected, in a big way to law makers on all sides as this is the only realistic way to facilitate a global expansion. I have been in this industry for 25 years and there is one company that is constantly in the news and on the tongues of global strategists for their ongoing track record for successfully taking companies public and facilitating global expansions on behalf of their clients at a speed that is simply staggering. Princeton Corporate Solutions is one of the only true global expansion strategies consulting firms. Their CEO, James Scott has established himself among US, EU and Chinese governments and regional lawmakers as an executive with the contacts to make or break a local industry in a developing/industrializing nation.

“It’s all about synergy”, Scott explains, “when taking a company public the corporate infrastructure must be in place and the professional pedigree of the ‘C’ level executives and board of directors must be in place. After this the company can focus on inter-industry alliances and then step onto the path of going public and that path will typically start with the OTCBB if the company has ambitions to grow onto the NASDAQ”.

And as for international expansion Scott explains, “Once again, it is about synergy. We always help our clients piggyback off of the successes, distribution and alliances that we have set up for previous clients and whenever we can put another successful entity into the mix, it strengthens the position of all parties involved”.

International consulting firms agree that the one true, viable fund raising strategy is a public offing with powerful post public investor relations in place to create a market for the company and global expansion takes more than elbow grease and know how but a plethora of contacts that cover all the basis’.

For Global Expansion Strategies try these links Wiki Power, or This Consulting Firm or contact your local Congressmen

Public Reverse Merger – Reverse IPO – Public Company Merger –

January 16th, 2013 Comments off

If you are trying to raise capital with a PPM or public entity like OTCBB you need to understand the mind of the investor. After the business plan sells the investor on the business concept you need to sell them on you and your executive staff. You need to stack your executive positions with professionals with a proven track record of success and possess a solid reputation in the industry. You must paint the picture for investors that your business is run by the who’s who in your industry and this pedigree is demonstrated by your education, degree, grades in college, professional organizations of which you have been and are currently a member, advisory board positions with other corporate organizations, a track record of setting up and maintaining strategic alliances, networking contacts and more.

When an investor looks at your human resource list on your PPM, business plan or public offering docs it needs to scream power, authority and confidence. Each individual that you place on your advisory board must have a massive contribution other than ‘advice’. Advisors should be able to prove their ability to assist in crucial decisions, connect your company with strategic partners and help you get to the next level.

Your legal counsel and CPA should be well known organizations with a long list of successful, well known organizations on their client roster and they should have a lot more to offer your company than just their fee based services. Again, these organizations should be able to set you up with partnerships that will help grow your business. As far as corporate awareness you must include a publicist. The publicist that you choose must be well versed in their comprehension of your industry genre.

They must be able to take your company and get you in front of the proper audience that is conducive to enhancing your growth potential. They must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of viral online marketing as well as traditional means of radio, TV and article promotion. They should be able to reach into their contact list and set you up with one interview after another targeting your specific audience.

These are just a few things to take into consideration when you jump on the fund raising trail. Every individual you have listed on your docs must be able to pass due diligence and have the appeal that reaches into the ‘comfort’ zone portion of the investor’s mind.

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Business Expansion Strategies: Grow Fast

December 30th, 2012 Comments off

If your company is about to start taking steps for a public offering you will most likely want to bring in employees that will help season your business plan and private placement memorandum for your initial rounds of capital. The human resources section of your PPM is crucial and on your business plan your ‘key executives’ portion is critical.

You must be able to justify, many times over, the reason for the existence of this executive in your business. Let’s start with pedigree: This employee must have a traceable track record of success working with similar corporations at the same stage your company is in now, they must be able to prove that they played a key role in their previous employers growth. Next their education; if we lived in a perfect world, college education wouldn’t matter but in the mind of the investor, a university level education is a period of maturing and intellectually achieving the capacity to translate ideas into empirical strategies.

Your employees must have a 4 year degree if they are acting as anything other than administrative support. Community colleges and associates degrees don’t count and it’s better not to include these individuals as key players in your business model as it could bring into question your qualifications to run the company. The employee must also have a portfolio of ongoing education certifications and/or certificates of program completion. A university education is one thing but continuous professional growth is another element that is crucial to demonstrating an individual’s desire to stay on top of growing trends and contribute to their employers overall strategy.

Now, for the most important part; your executive must have a strong portfolio of industry specific contacts that will contribute to setting up and maintaining strategic alliances and partnerships on behalf of your company.

At corporate meetings, after you go over the plan for the day or the week you need to be able to assign each of your executives goals for setting up quality and qualified partnerships that enhance distribution, intellectual capital, publicity exposure etc. Without a powerful contact base one goes from being a excellent executive with VP level horizons to a general employee that needs to be micromanaged by a management team member.

Look at each executive in your company as a light bulb on a Christmas tree. When you roll out your small or medium size business to raise capital you want your tree blazing with blinding lights making you stand out in your industry.

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