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Most Common Variables Considered When Calculating Travel Insurance Rates

June 23rd, 2017 Comments off

Travel Insurance is a form of limited or special situation insurance that covers loss arising from a specific event. This could be flying in an airplane or riding in a train. The policies are based on the behavior of a group of individuals engaged in an activity and the likelihood that a loss will occur.

Travel Insurance is rated based on the occurrence of a loss as it affects a group of common interest, such as airline passengers. This differs from individual coverage, which rates the risk of loss occurring based on the personal preferences and habits of the insured. It would be difficult to use individual underwriting standards such as age and health status to travel insurance since not everybody flies in an airplane.

Group insurance factors in the community experience of the group as a whole in order to access the probability that loss will occur. Community experience factors can include the number of air disasters in a given region, or in a given year, or by a given carrier. When assessing loss exposure on a group basis it is easy to discern certain trends and patterns regarding the chance of loss. Since air travel is deemed safe with air disasters occur very infrequently (roughly 1 in 2.5 million), the rates for travel insurance is very low.

If you accept that activities such as air travel are safe with a low probability of occurring, why the need to buy travel insurance? Insurance is about something not happening, as oppose to a loss occurring. Insurance provides a way to restore value in the event of a loss and for some, having the piece of mind that some benefit may be available may be important.

Travel insurance policies are typically issued in kiosks at an airport. It may also appear as a rider associated with a credit card or to a person’s property and casualty indemnity coverage. However it is purchase, the benefit provided is a low amount of coverage, maybe no more than $25,000 (although a few higher death benefit policies exist). This is done based on the community experience-rating factor that looks at the incident of death or dismemberment occurring based on the chance of an airline disaster.

How old you are, how physically fit you may be, whether you smoke or not, are all rating factors or variables that are not important to issuing travel insurance. None of those factors has an impact on a plane taking off and landing and the likelihood that a crash will occur. That the instances of plane crashes are so low suggests that very limited factors need to be considered when pricing travel insurance.

Insurance is based on a concept of risk transfer. This means that the individual pays a premium amount that insures that if something were to happen, the insurance will provide a benefit to compensate the policy’s beneficiary. The amount paid in premium is low relative to the potential benefit that is paid. The insurance company rates the potential for loss and prices its policy accordingly so that it is able to pay if that loss occurs. The higher probability that a loss can occur means a higher premium. Applying group underwriting principles to travel insurance helps provide a product that is low cost and pays a uniform benefit.

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Promote Your Business Through Co-Branded Card Programs.

June 8th, 2017 Comments off

The modern way of life is based increasingly on the internet. Sensing the need of the moment, internet based payment services have become more and more pro-active. The latest service offered by Epayarea, a leading online payment serves is innovative and good. It has partnered with MasterCard and Visa to offer its members co-branded debit cards. These online co-branded debit cards have expanded the financial reach of its customers.

This has been advantageous to Epayarea as it has enhanced its company branding, and also for its customers who now are able to make purchases and use the money from their online accounts at any merchant that accepts MasterCard and Visa Card all over the world.

This is a much wider option than the ones offered by generic debit cards belonging to many online payment services. It ropes in the wider reach of MasterCard and Visa that have millions of member merchants that accept these cards globally. Its members can also use email and SMS to transact money online. offers several other innovative services like their payroll and business services which can be used by employers to pay their workers world wide. It is an efficient way to save time and reduce your payroll and pay out expense. Just log into and use their payroll service.

Epay has co branded card programs in which it has tied up with credit card companies and offers prepaid credit cards, co branded debit card programs which are virtual and transact like normal debit cards.

These offer a huge advantage on generic debit card program. Epayarea premium debit cards and their pre-loaded virtual credit cards belong to their co-branded debit card programs and their branded prepaid card programs respectively. They offer convenience, as the customer can use ATMs supported by credit card companies, as well as shop world wide for goods.

The three main co branded card programs are easy to get in. You can order them online, fund them and then immediately activate them and they are ready to use. You can deactivate them online too, which is a wonderful security measure.

To know more about Epayarea services, just visit, and sign up with them. The best part is that membership is free. However one needs to remember that Epayarea is not a bank, but a payment gateway. You pay as you use. It is a negligible amount which is offset by the advantages of using such an easy and efficient online payment service.

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Taken Knowledge about Forex

June 1st, 2017 Comments off

One of the most important things about getting started with anything that may be a little bit intimidating is knowledge. It really doesn’t matter what your talking about, having the proper degree of knowledge about the subject is going to help you to be more comfortable and to overcome any hesitation that you may have on the subject. For this, you can use any number of research tools that are available.

Something that we are currently working one is trading on the Forex market, and that was certainly intimidating to us whenever we were first getting started. The unfortunate thing is, we did not take the time to study the subject in depth at first and we ended up losing a little bit of money and becoming frustrated with the entire prospect of building up a nest egg. After we started taking in some information about the subject, however, we were able to turn those earlier failures into successes.

You have access to an almost endless supply of information on any subject that you can possibly think of. I’m talking about the Internet, and if you’re reading this, you are sitting in front of your computer at this very moment. Finding the right kind of information is paramount in order for you to be successful in the Forex market, so here is a way for you to do so effectively.

The first thing that you need to do is to open your web browser to a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo. Either one of these is going to give you the information that you desire, provided you ask for it in the proper way. It is not simply enough for you to type in Forex and expect to get the information that you need. Be more specific with your search, and you will get results that are more specific in return.

Now comes the part whenever you’re going to have to scan down through the results that you get and choose the ones that you feel are going to give you the information that you can really trust. Even though there are thousands or perhaps even millions of websites out there that are trying to sell your product, you are looking for the gem that is going to give you the information that you need. There is nothing wrong with selling something on the Internet, just make sure that the resource you are looking at is balanced in this regard.

Some of the best results that I have ever found whenever searching for information on the Forex market were article archives. These articles typically go over one subject at a time so it is broken down in easy to digest bytes of information. Look for one of these article archives and you will be in a good position to begin learning about Forex and then to take that knowledge write into the market and profit from it.

One final word about looking for information like this on the Internet is the fact that you’re not always going to find what you want, right out of the starting gate. Be persistent with all of your efforts and make sure that you follow through on anything that you have done. Take in all the knowledge that you possibly can, and you will be successful as a result.

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Flexible Forex Training

May 28th, 2017 Comments off

Only a few years ago, most of the people had never heard of trading the foreign exchange markets. Even now, many may not have heard of it. But so much information is available on the internet that you just have to type in the word forex training in a search engine and a mass of information is available for free.

Most people, new to trading begin learning on their own through a trial and error process of wins and losses. However, this is probably not the best or the right approach to getting good forex training. These seven forex training secrets, you should always keep in your mind when looking for good forex training:

1) Try to keep it simple. Develop a simple and practical approach to trading. Follow the rules of a simple trading approach.

2) You should also learn to accept responsibility for the personal decisions and actions you take while trading. No system and no methodology are responsible for your interpretation of the markets while trading.

3) Make sure, you trade a demo account successfully before moving into the world of live trading. Once you are ready to trade, only then consider first trading a mini account with a very small amount of margin to ease you into the world of live trading. Once you have achieved success on a mini trading account, you should consider moving to the standard account where risk and profits are higher.

4) You should do your due diligence in choosing a right forex broker. You should avoid brokers that like to play games such as holding trades in slow and fast moving markets to gain advantage at your expense. Establish a live account with a forex broker known for integrity. Choice of the right forex broker will determine whether you succeed in trading or not. Always plan a trade with more than a scalpers mentality of making 1-5 pips per trade. This way a broker has ample time to cover a submitted trade or pass it onto a clearing house.

5) Even when you have experience of trading other markets, invest in personal education when trading forex. The forex is a totally different industry. It has much more volatility than other markets. Make sure the mentoring person is walking the talk when selecting a mentor to assist you in developing the skills necessary to survive trading the forex and make profit.

6) Attitude is everything in the markets. Learn self discipline as a forex trader. The greatest distance to overcome in each trade is between the ears. Only disciplined traders succeed in the long run.

7) Dont give up! It is necessary to just hang in there even if it takes times to trade the demo account and a mini account. Persevere in the markets. All too often, traders go live way too soon and lose their money because they have skipped the necessary steps.

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Direct Debit Versus Direct Deposit – The Debit Card Debate.

May 14th, 2017 Comments off

It is in the best interest of a business to do their payroll as cheap as they possibly can. That is why it is great that direct deposit is not the only option. Now, direct debit is available. When needing payroll solutions that work, this one does. And this is amongst the very valuable payroll services that you can invest in.

As for how it works, each employee is provided with a debit card. Instead of using their usual bank account, they can use this debit card and it is specific to the money they make from their job.

Each pay period, you, the business, deposit money onto each card for each employee. This is great because you can have their money there in a timely fashion. There are no paychecks to be lost because everything is done electronically. If there is a mistake, it can be corrected much faster this way. This eliminates many of the tasks that would have to be performed by the payroll department if a check is involved. If someone doesnt get their money, it is easy to trace.

As for what the employee does after the deposit takes place depends on the employee. Its their money, so they can withdraw it from an ATM machine by using the cards pin number or use the card as is. The employee can even withdraw the money and deposit it in their regular bank account.

All-in-all, the way the card operates is no different than using the usual card issued by a bank. Bills can be paid with it, groceries can be purchased with it, and it can be used at a gas pump.

Youre able to use the card in so many places because the card usually sports a Visa or MasterCard logo. This is important so that the card can be used as a credit card as well. This means not having to enter the pin number each time you make a purchase.

And on the payroll side of the business, the process is the same no matter if there are 10 employees or 300. The system is affordable and works the same no matter how many employees is a part of the system.

So if youre a business looking for better payroll solutions, direct debit through a prepaid debit card or prepaid credit card can help significantly. It is quicker, cleaner, safer, and great for all involved. You would be amazed how much manpower is saved through this method.

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