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BlackBerry – PushMail’s Most Powerful Weapon HP iPAQ hw6515

June 27th, 2018 Comments off

PushMail, which is popular in Europe andAmericain the past few weeks, is suddenly heating up inChina. Several major carriers have said that they will open the related business, igniting the engine to accelerate mobile email services. With PushMail functions, it can freely send and receive e-mails, it seems to have become the fashion label for business phone.

 PushMail links with the user’s mailbox, under the condition of authorized and opened services, e-mail will be immediately sent to the user’s BlackBerry phone to facilitate users to understand the mailbox and make appropriate treatment. What is different from checking email with BlackBerry is that this service updates E-mail initiative to the user’s BlackBerry, not uses the Internet of BlackBerry to check mail. Moreover, users can browse a complete e-mail and corresponding accessories, such as word, excel, pdf documents, it is no problem even if a large capacity.

It uses open platform, supports Sybase, good, windows, etc. almost all the PushMail platforms, so hw6515 is called PushMail’s ideal solution. In addition, hw6515 also became the leader of them by virtue of the three major weapons.

First of all, what is the biggest difference between HP 6515 and other smart phones is that it uses QWERTY keyboard. The characteristic of QWERTY keyboard is that it is exactly the same with the computer keyboard. It is very convenient when we input number and English, so the users who can use the computer can easily use the hw6515 keyboard. From the design of the keyboard, you can see HP’s humanized design: compact size, the same spacing, and good feel, all these advantages enable users to achieve one-handed operation, which meets the needs of mobile.

A keyboard is not enough, using the phone to input Chinese characters, the speed has always been a big problem. HP-specific version of the Point-Input, the hw6515 presenting, combines the advantages of hearing screen handwriting and keyboard, so that the handheld devices input have a revolutionary improvement. The default input method is same with the Quanpin Input method on the computer, it is very simple. With 120,000 system word-stock, support the coinage, frequency adjustment, custom input functions, the input speed can up to 40 words / minute at the first use. At the same time, hw6515 memory function automatically record the phrase that have input many times, and thus when we enter the same phrase the next time, we only need to enter the beginning phonetic alphabet of key words, then they will appear. If you are familiar with keys and use the common phrases, frequency adjustment and other commonly used functions, the input speed can reach 95 words / minute. Users can also customize any input method they favorite, such as five-stroke input and so on. With the QWERTY keyboard (Wholesale cell phone covers) and Point-Input method, the user can do as simple and quick as computers when using the hw6515 write EMAIL.

Then, after using PushMail (cell phone cases wholesale ), the user may receive hundreds of emails a day, these will take a very large space. The hw6515 itself can store thousands of contacts and EMAIL, and a unique dual-slot configuration can support an SD card and a mini SD card at the same time, which can reach an unlimited amount of storage. Outside of work, 6515 mass storage can bring to the user a digital enjoy like Media Player.(From: cell phone cases wholesale )