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Use This Real Estate Information To Your Advantage

August 4th, 2018 Comments off

The real estate agents work by linking together the two interested parties and charging a commission for their services. For sales, they charge commission only to the seller but for rentals (i.e. agent managed rentals) the commission is charged to both parties involved in the transaction.

The other interested party (i.e. the buyer/tenant), gets access to this information by contacting the real estate agent. Thats how the real estate agents become a hub of information.

Real estate agents would generally know the prices of various properties of different types and at various locations in the region.

It also takes into consideration the surrounding areas and the real estate trend in those areas. So, this real estate school of thought is really followed by arch real estate consultants/investors who know a lot about finance and put all that knowledge to use in determining the trends for real estate industry. However, that is just one real estate school of thought.

However, it is worth noting that real estate agents work on sellers behalf. So, beware if they are trying too hard to sell a property.

The real estate appraisal is done using various methods and the real estate appraisal values the property as different for difference purposes e.g. the real estate appraisal might assign 2 different values to the same property (Improved value and vacant value) and again the same/similar property might be assigned different values in a residential zone and a commercial zone.

A good real estate investor would evaluate the property on the basis of the developments going on in the region. So real estate appraisal as done by a real estate investor would come up with the value that the real estate investor can get out of the property by buying it at a low price and selling it at a much higher price (as in the present).

A real estate investor will generally base his investment decision on this real estate appraisal that he does by himself (or gets done through someone). So, can we then term real estate appraisal as a really real real estate appraisal?

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Real Estate In Arizona And California

July 15th, 2018 Comments off

Arizona real estate market is really hot. The centre of a lot of action in Arizona is Phoenix metropolitan area. However, when it comes to real estate investing, every area is hot.

That said, even if you have chosen the region for investing in California real estate, you need to be careful with selecting the location in that region i.e. the California real estate piece that will fetch you good profit.

If you are looking to get a piece of Arizona real estate for yourself and your family, then you need to consider a lot of different things which will also influence your perception of the lowest (or the best price) for that Arizona real estate piece.

You could also partner with the local attorneys in the region i.e. attorneys who handle property matters in case of death, divorce, defaults etc. These people can give you good leads on California real estate investments. In such cases, whoever gets the information first gets the advantage. You can really lay your hands on some good California real estate deals in this way.

So with the California real estate prices rising (as always), investing in California real estate does seem like a great idea.

Real estate investment can happen for various reasons. You could invest in real estate because you need a house for yourself (that house of your dreams that you so badly want).

Real estate management demands time, which you will rarely have. Real estate management is not just about finding tenants and collecting rent from them. Real estate management is also about ensuring that you do all the duties that a landlord/landlady is required to do.

Though hiding your motivation will be a bit difficult, nonetheless give it a good try. If you are looking for Arizona real estate just for investment purposes then you would probably have a lot more time on hand to evaluate various properties before you actually go ahead with one.

So, really, real estate management is not that easy a job for someone who is in a full time job. However, there is a solution to this and that is hiring a real estate management firm to do all these activities on your behalf.

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California nistory – visiting Santa Monica

July 20th, 2013 Comments off

Route 66 ends at Santa Monica’s Palisades Park. The park is landscaped with wide-leafed palm trees and bird-of-paradise plants that symbolize Southern California beauty. It is located on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, whose constant sea breezes cleanse the air and moderate temperatures to a near perfect seventy degrees throughout the year. Just below the park are miles of broad sandy beaches that provide virtually unlimited recreational possibilities for people of all ages. The horizon affords scenic vistas that include Malibu and the mountains to the north, the Palos Verdes peninsula on the south, and brilliant Pacific sunsets directly west. Most filmgoers and television buffs have unknowingly seen Palisades Park because it is a regular location for shooting movies, programs, and commercials.
The park once served as a starting point for a ten-kilometer race that capsulized Santa Monica life. The more than 2,000 entrants were affluent. They were mostly young people wearing expensive running clothes and shoes from specialty sporting-goods stores as well as healthy tans that came from outdoor living. The race course wound its way through the “north of Montana” neighborhood where half-milliondollar homes (and up) and Mercedes in driveways were common sights. The last two and a half miles gently sloped downhill, encouraging runners to achieve their “personal bests,” which were recorded by high tech timing devices at the finish line. Every finisher was applauded; everyone was a winner. The event, like Santa Monica itself, epitomized middle class success. (Bakken, 2003)
That success can be gleaned from some basic statistics. In 1980, the average Santa Monica home sold for a hefty $203,600 — slightly more than in nearby Beverly Hills. The mean income for Santa Monica families was $28,825, a respectable middle class figure that would be higher if accumulated and invested wealth were added. Nearly 78 percent of the residents were white, 60 percent of the adult women employed, and fully 43.5 percent of all residents engaged in professional and managerial careers. (Bakken, 2003) Relatively unusual for American communities, more than 70 percent of Santa Monicans rented their homes but the renters were almost as affluent as the homeowners. A random survey of tenants revealed that 87 percent were white, over 50 percent had household incomes above $20,000, and 51 percent were in professional, managerial, or business careers. (Bakken, 2003) In addition, 17 percent of the Santa Monica population was black or Hispanic, and less than 14 percent was working in manufacturing. (Bakken, 2003)
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