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A Healthy America

January 8th, 2019 Comments off

Heath insurance has become a main topic of conversation in everyone’s lives, over the past few months. There are about 50 million people that are without medical insurance today, and the government, although wanting to provide insurance for all, can not agree on the terms of how this goal can be met. While they are arguing back and forth, these 50 million people remain uninsured and unable to obtain much need medical attention. Many of these individuals continue to apply for medical coverage, but when they receive their final cost, they are unable to afford it on the budgets that they have.

It is sad to see families who cannot afford the drugs they need to stabilize their health. Many are putting off operations and/or doctor visits and testing, just hoping that they can survive until help arrives in the form of insurance for all. It is sad to read articles about individuals who have small incomes and must decide between food and medicine. Some are taking half their prescribed medicines while others are not taking them at all.

Although there are drug programs in place to help the poor, many people still do not qualify. The goal is to provide insurance for everyone, but we must do it properly and offer plans that everyone can afford, while still providing the coverage that is necessary. Cheap insurance sounds like a great solution until you find out what it does not make available to the insured.

There has been a system put together, by the Florida health insurance plans, that provide health insurance for all individuals that have been uninsured, including those individuals who have recently found themselves unemployed. A plan was devised among the Govern of Florida and the six major health insurance companies and now 3 million people have successfully been removed from the on growing list of individuals without health insurance coverage, although some of them try to maintain a good health by having a healthy lifestyle by trying to eat healthy and exercising with equipment as a balance disc URBNFIT that can be even used at home. This is a large accomplishment for Florida, and it gives the rest of Americans hope, that our Federal Government will also be able to provide health insurance for all, and in the near future.

For far too long we have let the politicians bury critical legislation in the maze of bureaucracy that Washington D.C. is famous for. It is time that the American citizens let our elected officials know that this is no longer acceptable. Inform your elected representative in Congress that it is time that we provide affordable health care to all Americans. Not a cheap plan that really provides no coverage, but an affordable plan that will help people when they need it most. This is not a political issue, or an ideological issue, it is a moral obligation to help our fellow Americans who are dying because they cannot afford the medical coverage they need to live.

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How Will The Younger Generations Be Effected When It Comes To Finding Medical Coverage In A Downward Economy?

November 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Health insurance is one important aspect of life and living without it can not only make your financial stability shaky, but put your life in danger. Many youth who are aging in the adult population are forced to live without health insurance. Health insurance premiums are too expensive for those who leave school and get their careers off the ground.

The current labor market makes it difficult to achieve even having a degree from a good university will not be able to provide you much help. Which means many graduates settle for jobs that may or may not even be in their area. And with the rising cost of health care more for employers they are forced to drop health insurance as a benefit of work simply because they can no longer afford to help employees pay their premiums.

The little bit extra that employees might be making is little consolation when it comes to helping them afford health insurance. On average most employers will only raise an employee’s salary by a few dollars an hour if they don’t offer health insurance benefits and this is not even close to the amount that they will wind up paying to insure themselves and their families through a private pay insurance policy.

The problem undoubtedly lies in the high cost of health insurance premiums that is directly proportional to the high cost of medical care itself, which is directly proportional to the high cost of malpractice insurance which is directly proportional to the number of professionals health, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies that face lawsuits advanced by those who have been harmed or injured by the medical community. Now, maybe this seems like a lot of variables, but when you remove the middle you are left with the fact that the high cost of health insurance is caused by medical malpractice.

Knowing that one must wonder if the medical profession is aiding or harming their cause. After all, if medical liability issues weren’t so common, there would be fewer lawsuits and doctors would not require malpractice insurance and therefore the cost of health care would be reduced. Many doctors consider this to be caused by lawyers and that people expect them to be miracle workers, and neither is to far from the truth. Regardless of whose fault it is the cycle must be broken if we are ever going to see health insurance premiums fall.

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The Importance Of Not Taking Your Medical Coverage For Granted

November 2nd, 2014 Comments off

When you are healthy you probably don’t worry to much about your health insurance coverage, after all you have some and that is all that matters, right? Well, honestly you will only truly understand the depth of coverage of your health insurance if you have a serious health issue that arises and it is only then that you will really realize what those limits mean and how they can affect your quality of life.

One thing is for certain when most people who are in their twenties are looking at their health insurance policy and staring at the place where it says that they have a lifetime benefit of a million dollars, they are probably thinking that sounds pretty good; never anticipating that if they hit just one serious health issue that a million dollars will only go so far.

Sure a million dollars sounds like a lot but think about the high costs of health care and hospital stays and it is easy to see where a million dollars won’t be enough for the next forty years, even if you only encounter small health issues. You see that while your health insurance benefit maximum will probably stay at a million each year the cost of health care is rising and if a million dollars today is not the equivalent of what a million dollars was 20 years ago, then imagine how much less that will be 20 years from now.

While it may seem that this is more than an ample amount of insurance coverage, it may not even be near the amount needed to cover health problems related to the length of his life. And if you’re already looking at some health problems, then you probably have noticed that the bills add up very quickly for testing, doctor visits and hospital stays. Even out patient procedures are very expensive.

It is therefore logical to try to obtain health insurance that has few limitations so that you will get the most of your health insurance over time. Having your health insurance coverage fall short just when you need it most is truly disastrous. The point of having insurance coverage is whether it will be there when you need it and not run low if you’re in a crisis. Otherwise, what have you really accomplished?

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Finding The Right Health Insurance For Children

July 6th, 2014 Comments off

Government health insurance program failed to provide most of the U.S. health insurance. However, there is a personal insurance needs, the Government attaches importance to, and those are the needs of groups of young children, who by the health insurance needs of 18 age. The Group has adopted as a government health insurance is a few choices.

Who are all birth defects and health problems covered by health insurance for children affected early. Despite all insurance benefits for older people with disabilities are included in the plan.

Medicaid is another government-run health programs to cover low-income families who can not afford health insurance and living below the poverty line for children. De income a family is very low standards While unmet medical assistance is who can through Cijihuasuo Hangai of Ertong some exceptions, Ruguotamen is seriously ill or if they become Jiefang . All other children can only be approved, they live below the poverty line.

A recent addition to the health of children, the government plans, including the Ignore call that is designed to meet the family, make more money, and then allow health insurance, but health benefits planning program family is still struggling degree days. This program is designed as a safety net, these families can not afford health insurance, but is trying to get across. This program is different from the country under the name of the country, but more can contact your local Medicaid office for information. This is the type of procedure, in the sliding scale works so if you make more money, then you may be required to pay the health insurance plan, a small premium, but cost much less than any health insurance plan and pocket expenses not covered by most of the children you need.

health insurance plan of the Government can truly help parents access to health insurance, they need to maintain the health of children and allow them to keep up with the pole and the date of the annual review. Most families stay temporarily in these programs to help them return to stand with them until they have another health insurance plan family or begin a higher income

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Advice For Finding Health Insurance When You Are Unemployed

July 5th, 2014 Comments off

Unemployment is at an all time high and while many unemployed individuals are collecting unemployment, lack of employment causes more problems for people than just the loss of money. Most people who are unemployed lose not only their paychecks but their health insurance benefits. There are several things that you need to know if you or someone you know has recently become unemployed.

Upon becoming unemployed you must be offered COBRA from your current employer. It is a plan that allows you to continue your health insurance plan but you must pay all the premiums to do so. If you can’t afford it, however, there is a program through the federal government that can provide you with money to help you pay these premiums. You can obtain more information about this COBRA supplement from your local unemployment office or by looking online at the government’s website.

Just because you are offered COBRA, do not assume that you have to take this coverage. May be in your best interest to shop around for health insurance and to find out if someone in your family is eligible for health care options of the government. Also, if you have a spouse or family member Another is a current employee may be able to cover you on their policy until you are able to get a new job and more benefits of health insurance.

It is also important to see if you can for the government to consider supporting other forms in all the programs income, as this your family will help to maintain the float, and are used to supplement lost income. If you are a community organization or company, you may want to see you through the closing of other organizations, group health insurance, because it can help you save some money, buy these high personal plans. All you can do to help you save a few dollars will help you and your family financial situation.

Unemployment can be a difficult situation to deal with and one that can be even more frightening if you have dependents who are counting on you to take care of their needs, but don’t give up hope. Keep striving to find a new job and find other ways to supplement your family’s income and health insurance needs until then. Things will come together before you know it.

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