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Questions To Answer Before Buying A House

April 22nd, 2018 Comments off

You saw a picture pretty home being sold online and you definitely want it. Should you buy it outright? Definitely you won’t. You’ll have to take a good and long hard look into it before you sign the dotted line and live in that house forever. That’s right. People are getting smarter when buying homes after the mortgage and real estate industry tripped.

If you are buying a home for the first time you should take the time to learn something about real estate. Make sure you understand the terms of real estate contracts and mortgages. Don’t buy a home that costs more than you can afford to spend. Make sure the house doesn’t need expensive repairs.

Consider the neighborhood. Are the other homes well kept? Look into crime statics for the area. Keep in mind that homes in upscale neighborhoods come with upscale price tags. Make sure the house is in good repair, or that the seller will do necessary repairs before the sale. Make sure you lender will provide a mortgage.

Needed home repairs can give a buyer a bargaining position on the price of the home. Check with your mortgage lender on their requirements. They may be unwilling to grant a mortgage on a home that needs repairs or they may require you to put the money for repairs in escrow. Make sure to check the basement and attic for evidence of flooding, leaks or other potential problems. Mold can be expensive to remove and unhealthy to live with.

In the kitchen, check how many appliances are there to estimate if your appliances can fit in without additional outlets; check the floor, is it level or does it shake? Inspect the floor for stain — can these be removed with the usual cleaning mop and cleansers? If the sink top is marble, examine if it needs to be re-polished. Inspect the plumbing. Are there leaks? How about the tap water? Does it run well or drips?

The bathroom is another expensive remodeling job. Are the tub/shower, the sink and the toilet in good condition? Is there any evidence of leaks? Any cracks? Are the cabinets in good shape? Do you see any sign of mold or mildew? Mold and mildew can be indicators of more serious problems. Are the floors buckled? That can indicate a plumbing problem.

Examine the attic carefully. Make sure it is well insulated so that you won’t lose heat from your home. Look for any signs of leaks. Sometimes even roofs that appear to be in good shape have leaks that can be expensive to fix. What sort of ventilation does that attic have? Look at the exterior and check the maintenance. Count the windows and doors.

If you are seriously considering a house, walk around the neighborhood in the evening when people are home. Is this a neighborhood of young families or retirees? Will you be comfortable living among these neighbors? Try to see the house in the rain. Problems that weren’t apparent before may show up when it rains. If everything checks out and the house is within your budget, now is the time to make your offer.

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Bad Credit Checking Account

March 24th, 2017 Comments off

When it rains it pours, right? When an area of our finances suffers, it affects all areas. Credit card debt leads to trouble with our home, autos, and even our checking account.

Often when you are in financial trouble, your checking account suffers. Without enough money to cover expenses, overdraft fees and bounced checks pile up leaving us unable to pay fees and get in to positive territory.

Most of us understand that when we dont pay our bills on time, it may be reported to one or all of the three major reporting agencies but do banks do the same thing? 80% of banks report to ChexSystems. Much like credit reporting agencies, if you have a negative report on file with ChexSystems, it is much more difficult to be approved for an account.

You have the right to view your report free of charge. If you are turned down based on that. You can go to and request a copy it.

What about this bad credit checking account that you may have read about or seen advertised? Many experts advise avoiding companies offering these types of accounts because of the high fees associated with them.

Are there other ways to still be approved?

Yes there are. First, go to the bank of your choice and make an appointment with the branch manager or new accounts manager. Inform them that youve had some credit problems in the past and ask them for options.

For those who had some short term problems but have began to rebuild, often banks will be more receptive to your request if you offer to open a $1,000 Certificate of Deposit for a year in exchange for a checking account at their institution.

If, within that year, you show a spotless record, your problems may be solved. Don’t forget about unions. You most likely live in a city where you are able to become a member of a credit union.

They will often give you a chance to prove yourself especially if you take a class that helps you practice better financial habits. Keep in mind that there will probably be a small fee associated with this class.

If neither of these options work, then a prepaid card can do the trick. Many give free direct deposit and free bill pay. Eliminating those costly money orders and check cashing charges of $1.00 – $3.00.

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University Love Connection Changes Its Slogan To Meet The New Generation Demands Of Online College Dating ” University Of Love “

December 8th, 2013 Comments off

(1888PressRelease) Tops & Eharmony & Online Booty Call Websites With Its University Of Love Concept Of College Dating At Each College. just released its new slogan public for record via this press, in Las Vegas today. Director of Social Marketing Hila S, just announced ULC’s new slogan will be ” University Of Love “.

This gives us a new sexy college appeal, for connecting college singles that want to find campus love and enjoy dating via their own campus, unlike, which offers distance dating.

College students stated to us, that ( Former Love @ AOL ) is not college friendly, where singles meet within 20-80 miles away, which is a incovienence to college singles on a budget” Daniel S, MBA student at UNLV stated.

“Eharmony, is not our competition, as they seek the singles 35-70+ years old stated Michael Rotkin Founder of, the popular hip college dating website.

We even look at other competitors such as and see our model is perfect and we wiill not change it for college dating, such as did. was remodeled with similar technology and usability roughly, as Myspace which ( NWSA ) owns and Facebook offers to their users”, stated Nesh B, ULC’s Director of Coding & Software.

These fast dating and speed dating sites are not for college students and can be unsafe. “We do not have a ” Booty Call ” type website, as we offer a safe dating environment, endorsing singles to meet on campus” stated Michael Rotkin

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Treasure Hunters Roadshow has Fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House

October 31st, 2013 Comments off

(1888PressRelease) Treasure Hunters Roadshow Has fundraisers to help local families of critically ill children have a home away from home by raising funds for the Ronald McDonald house.

Springfield, IL – Help L.CHIC to Raise Money for the Ronald McDonald House

June 4th 4pm-8pm & June 5th 10am – 4pm

Event Takes Place at L.CHIC
3063 Hamlin Parkway
Springfield, Illinois 62711

Come out and join Treasure Hunters Roadshow and Treasure Hunters Fundraiser to help Raise Funds for The local Ronald McDonald House! Clean out your jewelry boxes and dig out your treasures and help families in need!!

Help support the Ronald McDonald house by donating items to help families of critically ILL children have a home away from home!

Scrap Gold – Jewelry – Unused Jewelry – Class Rings – Dental Gold – Cold Coins – Gold Ounces – Silver Dollars
Proof Sets – Coin Collections – Sterling Silver Items – Silver Flatware – Silver Bars – Silver Ounces

Tristyn’s Story

“I’m sorry, but we don’t expect that your daughter will make it through the night.” The horror that rings through these words is a haunting sound that no parent would ever want to experience.

Lacey DeMaire, a young mother from Olney, Illinois had experienced the normal pangs of pregnancy until she began passing out at work at 32 weeks gestation. After being sent home from the hospital twice, she was rushed to Springfield by ambulance in her 34th week. She was in active labor and then began hemorrhaging.

An emergency cesarean section was performed to save her life and the life of her baby. That is when the doctors discovered that Lacey had a very rare disorder called vesa previa, where the umbilical cord attaches itself to the wrong part of the placenta. While in active labor, Lacey’s baby descended into the birth canal and crashed into the misplaced umbilical cord, causing her to love of 1/3 of her blood.

When the lifeless baby was born, she had been without oxygen for 3-4 minutes, limited oxygen for at least that long, had a heart rate of 10, suffered seizures and was immediately given blood transfusions. Her Apgar tests were very discouraging at 1 at one minute and 4 after five minutes. [The Apgar test rates that baby’s appearance, pulse, responsiveness, muscle activity and breathing. Each of the five tests are given a number between 0 (weakest) and 2 (strongest) and then totaled.]

For two days the doctors told Lacey that her newborn wouldn’t survive, however baby Tristyn kept fighting. She stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at St. John’s Hospital for one month, and Lacey found comfort whitin the walls of the Ronald McDonald House. Here she recovered from surgery, made friends with other families whose children were hospitalized and was relieved that she could remain close to her precious daughter.

Lacey and Tristyn won the battle, but they continue to fight the war. Irreversible effects of the trauma has left Tristyn, now three, with mild brain damage and cerebral palsy, a weakened immune system; and frequent trips back to Springfield are necessary to see specialists. Today, you wouldn’t know it by looking at this adorable tot that she is any different than other youngsters here age or that she experienced more in the first hours of her life than most of us will experience in a lifetime. Lacey says that it takes Tristyn 3-4 months to acquire one new skill because of her short term memory. “We take it one day at a time ” adds Lacey. Still, it doesn’t deter this incredible little girl; an inspiration and source of joy for everyone at the Ronald McDonald House. Her smile and spirit melts our hearts.


Treasure Hunters Roadshow, Charities Look to Gold, Silver and Collectibles to Fund Services

May 9th, 2013 Comments off

(1888PressRelease) Treasure Hunters Roadshow creates innovative fund raising service in a down economy. THR Charity fundraisers helps give back to the community.

Springfield, IL Creative fundraising service by THR and Associates a “godsend” in a down economy

Thanks to Treasure Hunters Roadshow and THR Associates a Springfield, Illinois-based company, churches, charities, clubs and service organizations now have a new way to raise money. Treasure Hunters Roadshow, “modern day treasure hunters” that travel the country buying rare, collectible and precious items for their collector’s network, is now offering mini-roadshows helping charities raise thousands of dollars.

After some successful events in small towns throughout the Midwest, Treasure Hunters Roadshow is now accepting applications for THR Charity Fundraisers throughout the USA. The fundraisers are free of charge to the hosting charity. Complete details including a simple application form are available at or by calling Matthew Enright at (217) 241-3170.

Treasure Hunters Roadshow hosts 1,000 events every year in the USA, Canada and Europe. At these week-long shows, Treasure Hunters Roadshow experts evaluate broken jewelry, gold, silver coins, collectibles and antiques and buy the items on the spot for their collector’s network. Even in small communities, THR can buy up to $500,000 or more in a single week, a significant boost to the local economy.

The idea for the THR “Charity” Parties actually came from a church in Huntsville. The United Methodist church approached THR & Associates to ask if their members could bring their collectibles to a local Roadshow, but have some of the money from the sale go back to the church. Polly Parsons, sister of THR founder Jeff Parsons, immediately saw a great opportunity for the company to do good and agreed to take on the project.

“Working with the church to publicize the fundraiser, Treasure Hunters Roadshow sent a team to the church free of charge. Parishioners brought their gold, silver and collectibles to the church. Treasure Hunters Roadshow evaluated the collectibles, made people a fair and honest offer, but instead of paying each individual we wrote a large check at the end of the event directly to the Church. In one night they raised $9,000.

“Because high unemployment had caused a drop in donations, this event was literally a ‘godsend’ to the United Methodist church,” said Polly Parsons. “Most charities, churches and other nonprofit and service groups are experiencing a decline in donations because of the economy. Not everyone has extra cash to give to a charity, but almost everyone has broken jewelry, coins, old diamond rings, antiques or collectibles that are worth a lot of money. THR began as a small company and we’re still true to our small town roots so we’re thrilled to be able to use our company to help communities raise money.”

How It Works
Charities contact Treasure Hunters Roadshow to set up a Roadshow. Treasure Hunters Roadshow works with the select a date and location for the show and ensure that the charity publicizes the event to its members and the community. THR sends a Treasure Hunters Roadshow team of experts to evaluate the gold, silver and collectibles. Between 10 percent and 100 percent of the money spent by Treasure Hunters Roadshow to acquire the collectibles can go back 100 precent to the charity, with the balance going to the members or donors. Treasure Hunters Roadshow writes check on the spot to everyone involved.

“We hope that organizations throughout the country will contact us and take advantage of this opportunity,” said Polly Parsons. “With 50 Treasure Hunters Roadshow teams on the road each week, we could do hundreds of these charity events a year. Contact us and let us help you do good work in your community.”

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