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Impose 0.625 billion apple was accuse mobile phone patent infringement

December 14th, 2017 Comments off

Apple 5, $625 million by the U.S. court decisions of the infringement, has made Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, but it is a great trouble to ensue in in succession to the United States, the Motorola time 6,, Apple announced to put forward in 18 communication related smart phones and patent infringement, and submitted the us court hearings. According to Apple, the Motorola said the proposed communication and smart phones, not just Apple patent is used, including Microsoft Windows platform products please, Google Andriod platform products are used, if only for the Motorola Apple mention against unfair, Apple not rule out the charges, and put forward the industry all mobile Phone industry pulls into the infringement of war.

According to court stretch lawsuit book content, the Motorola pointed out that Apple company the illegal use of the patent right, including wireless communication technology such as WCDMA (3 G), GPRS, 802.11 part of wireless specification, antenna design, intelligent mobile phone, wireless email, the main design perception application, software management core, positioning services and many devices such as synchronous technology 18 items.

The Motorola early in cell phones and intelligent mobile phone market research DuoNian, therefore has a great deal of mobile phones and smartphones patent right, almost every mobile phase of evolution, are r&d and submit the patent design, currently in the United States and the world, there are more than 10000 and about mobile phones and smartphones patent, and we will use a lot of vendors of all Motorola phones or smartphone patent, patent fees or provide contact light technology exchange terms.

According to the Motorola vice President and general manager of intellectual property business group of Kirk, said the world is not to mention the Motorola against Apple, but for the Apple refused to use about the Motorola technology patent and the patent right, after purchase cost DuoCi diplomacy BuGuo, Apple decided to complain and put a stop to the continued infringement, does not rule out to international trade commission, banned the Motorola patent involving damage to the product export (cool cell phones).

Apple said it is stretched, defense research book content only reiterated that the patent in other platform that mobile phones actually already use (cell phone wholesale), so they don’t rule out a counterclaim, but not for a while charges to make any comment on the case.from: wholesale iphone accessories