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Credit Cards: Financial Assistance When Needed

March 19th, 2017 Comments off

The need to borrow has increased in the current times by many folds. This need to borrow is well termed as credit in the financial terminology. The reason for borrowing can vary from person to person and from need to need however the common factor remains the same money. Gone are the days of barter system where one could exchange ones product with others product to satisfy the need. In current times money acts as the common factor for various things starting from vegetable needs, to fuel needs to bigger needs of house, car, etc.

And since not everyone is born with a silver spoon thus the need to borrow money becomes more predominant in such cases which can be many. Credit card is the modern day version of borrowing which acts as real money supplement. It is for its virtuality that it is known as plastic money.

Credit cards have gained and maintained their popularity with people from all ages. And if used wisely then there is no other bigger convenience in the current inflationary time. There are various benefits that credit cards offer with the biggest one being the availability of cash if one ran out of theirs. Another one can in linked with ease of carriage, as a credit card is like the size of a visiting card which fits well into a wallet.

A credit card is different than a debit card which is linked to ones bank account. In other words credit card is linked to the money which one has not earned but is given to them on credit when required. Obtaining a credit card can be an over-whelming task as various conditions are applied to such application. There are various things which the company looks into before giving the credit card to the applicant one of the most important of all being the credit score. Once the credit card is issued it can be used like a debit card however it is also the responsibility of the bearer to make repayments of the amount used well in time to avoid late charges.

Credit cards if used sensibly offer lot of benefits.


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Visa Debit – The Safest Of All

March 15th, 2017 Comments off

Money is the basic requirement for any and everything in the current times. And as they say nothing comes for free we work hard to earn our bit thus throwing this hard earned money is not a wise option. The every so increasing inflation rates and the modern day lifestyles have forced many to take credit as they find it impossible to make the ends meet. Plus not everyone has a bulk of money available at all times which can be used to satisfy the immediate need. This is where credit requirement steps in.

Credit has entered our lives from all areas be it for house, car, personal needs to any other requirement. Just name it and companies have it in one form or another. Thus the importance of credit cannot be denied in any case.

In order to maintain pace with the changing lifestyles one needs to know the C words which means credit. Now-a-days credit can be obtained in the form of plastic money well known as credit cards. Credit cards have become the most convenient and popular way of obtaining credit so as to pay for varied purchases. Though qualifying for a credit card can be a challenge considering requirement of good credit score as well as the thought of cash being the safest bet for many.

Not many understand the difference that a visa debit card is not a regular credit card.  A visa debit is linked directly to ones bank account which means one can only spend that amount which is there in the account. It can be well put that a visa debit card offers the benefits of a credit card minusing the disadvantages of cost hassles. These costs can range from interest charges, fees, late payment charges to other namedpenalties.

Now-a-days there are various companies who offer visa debit card facilities right by filling an online form which is easy and requires basic details. The cards linkage with bank account makes it the safest option of the financial times as one can control the amount of money one wishes to spend. Many also prefer to call it wise card as it helps them from overspending.


Adam Reedy writes about “Visa Debit” – At you can compare the best available Visa Debit, Debit Mastercard and Anz Debit Card from across Australia.

Debit Cards- A Wise Acquisition

May 11th, 2015 Comments off

If you’re a sort of a person who struggles to control your credit card debt every month, then a debit card could be, just perfect for you. Debit cards have all the functionality of credit cards, you can buy anything online or over the phone, but it only allows you to use money, you really have.

The advantages of holding a debit card cannot be denied. Not only are you, not inviting unsecured debt, as you are spending your individual money, but moreover, you do not even have to carry around cash, which also adds to customer security.

There is a range of visa cards and MasterCard, debit cards offered by financial institutions, along with St George debit card, Anz debit card, Suncorp debit card etc. Most of these cards are devoid of any potential high fees, interest rates and debt.

There are varied amount of debit cards available in Australia offering various features.

Some debit card accounts permit you to set up a line of credit, where you can overdraw your financial credit up to a precise maximum value. This makes the card effectively like a credit card, though the overdraw charges can be extremely high.

Some debit cards put forward a charge back element similar to credit cards, where if commodities are not delivered, or are of an inferior quality, you can legitimately charge that back in opposition to the seller and get the repayment.

Likewise, a number of debit cards offer a guarantee for internet transactions, where you aren’t charged for unauthorized or false transactions if you inform about it to the bank in time.

There are various rewards programs also offered with debit cards. The best rewards plan is the one which is associated to the product or service that you utilize frequently. A debit rewards card can offer you, a wide array of products and services to save on. For instance, a well-liked service for rewards programs is air travel. As we all know that air travel can be really costly. Consequently, there are several frequent flyer programs offered by various banks. These cards can be a grand way to bring together miles and bank money in the future.

The intensification in the recognition of debit cards is possibly because of surcharges on credit card dealings, which are occasionally 3% or more.

The Preferred Debit Cards In Australia

May 4th, 2015 Comments off

Debit cards are issued by banks and these cards usually appear, as well as, exercise, exactly like a credit card. The single dissimilarity is that the debit card does not advance you any credit. Any amount you pay out is most of the time deducted straightforwardly from your account. There is no bill to disburse at the conclusion of the month, no added interest charges and no membership costs

A debit card requires a savings account or a checking account to get started. Nearly all debit cards stand with a Visa or MasterCard logo. In stores or online it can be exercised just like a credit card.

Some of the well-liked debit cards offered in Australia are:

St George Debit Card: The St.George Visa Debit Card associates your bank account next to, St.George Bank with a standard Visa debit card, intensifying the ways by which you can make use of, your personal money and provides you various services; you have come to look forward to, from an international card company, like Visa. This card does carry a $5 monthly charge. However, in addition it offers the benefit of, no minimum monthly balance requirement. St. George Visa Debit Card is accessible to all entitled customers, and can be exploited at, more than 2,700 ATMs in Australia, exclusive of additional fee assessments.


ANZ Debit Card: The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) also offers Visa credit and debit cards. ANZ Visa Debit Card is a good bet for those, who are looking for an ease of a debit card, exclusive of a compulsory credit check, as most established banks require. Straight deposit choices are offered to this card, and limitless ANZ ATM and over-the-counter branch transactions are incorporated in the card’s $5 monthly charges. Moreover, the customer can select one of three color choices, which are as follows: black, blue, and pink. The card performs just like a debit Visa product connected to a checking account, however no checks are issued.


Suncorp Debit Card: Suncorp is one more Australian bank that offers, no charges for their debit cards, and utterly no fees for transactions. All you have to do is to make certain that you keep in mind to press credit when making any acquisitions. A Suncorp Visa debit card offers its cardholders, a savings account that gives away high interest, but the card is also offered on the daily Options, daily Basics, Cash Management and 55 plus accounts, so the option is always there for you, if you want any.

Credit Cards – An Alternate Designed For Hard Cash

November 26th, 2014 Comments off

Credit cards are a handy replacement for hard cash or check, and a vital element of electronic commerce and internet trade. If you are ever short of money, credit cards are able to save you from a complicated financial situation.

Credit card advantages

1. Credit Cards are a safer manner of carrying around huge quantity of cash.

2. Credit Cards are able to assist you by maintaining track of your expenditures by presenting reports towards the end of each month.

3. Credit cards are suitable to do shopping with.

4. If utilized sensibly, credit cards can award you with an excellent credit record.

Occasionally credit card companies put forward benefits in favor of exercising credit cards, for example cash back on purchases, concessions on goods you acquire through your credit cards, travel concession, bonus guarantee coverage for the objects you buy, diverse insurance covers, etc.

If you are seeking to decide on a credit card, take these features into consideration prior to submitting an application:

Interest rate

Cards with the lowest interest rates generally charge a yearly fee. So initially exercise if the savings in low interest on your standard balance are in excess of the additional amount you’ll grant in an annual fee.

Incentive plans

Most issuers have the choice of a card with a reward program that repay for specific expenses. This may involve money, money off on definite things, “free of charge” goods or many flyer points. Be conscious that you have got to make a large number of points prior to achieving rewards, and points can also expire, so this type of card won’t help you, except if you make use of it repeatedly.

Yearly charges

Credit card benefits, comprising lower rates, often contain a yearly fee. Think over whether the benefits you obtain from a card compensate the fee, many credit cards contain no annual fees, but these frequently come with elevated rates.

Affiliate benefits

Benefits differ from card to card. A few offer price cuts at certain stores, whereas others offer many flyer points. These benefits can be helpful if they go with your standard of living. Evaluate the pros and cons of a card’s benefits.

The kind of credit card that is finest for you is the one that is most apt to go with your requirements and prospects. In a nutshell, the top credit card will be the one that banks you a large amount of money or offers you a lot of benefits.


Adam Reedy writes about “Credit Card” – At you can compare the best available Credit Cards and Debit Cards from across Australia.