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The Three Big Mistakes of Getting a Debt Reduction Loan (and How Not to Make These Mistakes)

November 4th, 2018 Comments off

If you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, you’re probably on the telemarketers’ list. They call, offering to give you a debt reduction loan. At first, this kind of loan sounds like a dream come true. After all, why wouldn’t you want to lump all your smaller debts into one easy-to-pay loan with a low interest rate?

Any wise man will tell you that you can’t get something for nothing. This is absolutely true when it comes to debt consolidation loans. Although they look good, these loans can be full of traps to snare the unsuspecting person, getting you in more trouble than you already were in. Here are the worst of the traps of getting a debt reduction loan:

Trap #1: You’re treating the symptom, not curing the problem.

The worst aspect of debt reduction loans is that they don’t fix the problems that caused you to be in debt. Instead, they treat the “symptom” of having debt. When you get one of these loans, you just end up with a large loan that you have to make payments on…but you will also acquire new debts when you eventually start to, once again, spend more money than you have.

Any statistician can tell you that the likelihood is high that someone who gets a consolidation loan will wind up with the same amount of debt, or more, in two years or less. And remember, they’re still making payments on their new debt consolidation loan.

Trap #2: Making your unsecured debts into secured debts.

If you have credit card debt, you should know that it is what is called “unsecured debt”. This means that the loan is not backed up by a tangible object, such as your home. Most consolidation loans are what is known as “secured debt”, or debt that is backed up by something valuable, most often the house that you live in.

The main problem with this is that when you can’t pay off your loan (and this is not uncommon), the creditor has the ability to foreclose on your home. On the original debt, the only thing the creditor could do was sue you in a court of law. They couldn’t take your home from you.

What you’ve done to yourself by taking out a secured loan (also known as a “home equity loan”) is to make your home vulnerable to foreclosure. Not too smart of you, was it?

Trap #3: Higher interest rates, not lower.

Even if you dodge the bullet of getting a secured loan by getting an unsecured loan, you’re still gonna get smacked with higher interest rates. This is because your inability to pay off your current debts makes you a credit risk, meaning that anyone who is willing to give you credit is going to charge you a higher interest rate to offset the additional risk.

They may change the loan in different ways, including a longer loan term, in order to offer you lower monthly payments than you’re making right now. However, this means that you will still pay more in the long run for your debts. As somebody who is already in debt, you probably can’t afford to do this.

So, how do you avoid these traps?

You can steer clear of all of these traps by deciding to manage your own debt. Unless you’re already filing bankruptcy, you still have the capability of getting out of debt without resorting to the help of some new lender or a so-called credit counselor. You’ll have to make some drastic changes to your lifestyle, but after you change your lifestyle, you’ll be well on your way to changing the behaviors that got you into debt in the first place.

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Debt Management Solutions, Facts And Tips

November 24th, 2014 Comments off

At some point most people will deal with bad debt. If you’re stressing out about how much money you owe there are several things you can do besides continuously feeling overwhelmed. There are debt management solutions for your finances. Here you’ll find several helpful tips to help you out of your financial rut.

You may be surprised to find that the first step on the road to financial health is claiming responsibility for your financial decisions. You can’t keep blaming those around you for the decisions you made. Make sure you’re honest with yourself so you can get real and get out of debt.

Dealing with money issues can be stressful. This means it can take a toll on you, which makes talking about it to someone essential. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it with a friend or family member, there are organizations out there available to help you get out of debt. When you know you are not alone and there is a way out of your troubling financial situation it makes dealing with it easier.

When you’re able to talk about your finances with someone, this will help make it all seem much more bearable. In addition to relieving stress through talking about it you’ll also be working toward a solution. You may be surprised as to what kind of solutions you may find simply by talking about your situation.

Getting serious about what you owe is essential to financial health. You have to understand how much you really do owe in order to deal with your debt. This is why getting honest with yourself is necessary. If you don’t know how much you owe you are in denial. Denying the problem only prolongs the process of getting out of debt and getting financially healthy.

Set up a new budget. If you don’t think you have time to track your expenses, think again. Managing your debt starts with creating a strict budget. Tracking your finances will help you understand exactly where your money is going. If you have bad debt such as credit card loans you want to plan to start paying off the balances as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save, on the contrary, start your emergency fund now. Put as much or as little as you can away now.

When you’ve gotten honest with yourself you now know what you owe, what you’re spending on and what you need to cut back on. You may need to earn an additional income. This may mean getting a second job or working overtime at your current place of employment. If you can’t earn more you will probably have to spend much less.

Finding debt management solutions that work will require dedication. This means getting honest and serious about your finances. Being able to control your spending is also essential. Having the patience and will to stick to your plan is also essential. No one said that getting financially healthy would be easy. It’s now time to make the decision on whether you’re going to control your finances or have what you earn control you.

Find those debt consolidation choices you may have by looking in the internet. Numerous debt management solutions but it will require to choose the right one that will solve your problem.

Debt Consolidation – A Route To Achieve A Good Handle On That Debt

February 1st, 2013 Comments off

Debt is running wild. The majority of households carry some debt. Having some debt can be healthy as long as you have a good grasp on it and do not let it get to a point where it controls you. There are some households where the debt has the control. There are some ways to get control of this debt. A debt consolidation loan can be an answer.

Debt consolidation is taking out one large loan in an amount equal to all of your debt added up. This loan will then pay off all of that debt leaving you with one loan and one payment.

A debt consolidation loan is one that is taken out in an amount that is large enough to cover all of your debt that is owed. This loan then pays off all of the other debt leaving you with one loan with one payment. The thought behind all of this is that you will only have one payment to focus all of your time and energies to.

The majority of debt held by most people is credit card debt. People with credit card debt usually turn to a debt consolidation loan because these loans will have a much lower interest rate. The interest rate alone is a good reason to consider a consolidation loan because that alone could save you some money.

An even lower interest rate can be acquired if there is some collateral attached to the consolidation loan. Collateral is usually a car or your house. Be cautious with adding collateral to your loan because if you default on your loan, you will be required to sell your asset or assets to pay back the loan. With having a consolidation loan with collateral, banks do not see as much risk in lending you that money so you may be able to get a lower interest rate.

Debt consolidation is one way to get a handle on your debt. It does need to be gone into with caution because this is not a quick fix for your debt. If done correctly it will do its job but if let go, it could cause more damage than you already have.

Do you feel those debt consolidation loans will work for you? Finding out more information before you decide is the right way to go. Get online and check out the debt consolidation plans that you can try out. Get there immediately!

Must People Apply For Debt Consolidation Loans?

November 24th, 2012 Comments off

The current economic downturn continues to be felt almost all around the world, and yes, it surely has not made it simpler for everyone the slightest bit. It has resulted in the prices of commodities to rise, and because of this, the cost of living everywhere is rising, not to mention that at present, there is no sign of it leveling out; rather, everything appears to be deteriorating even further. Because most people have to make sure that they are able to have all of our needs fulfilled on a regular basis, the rising price of living is undoubtedly making all of us to avail of several types of bank loans which we can’t actually pay off on time. Whenever such things happen, we can’t help but run low credit scores, making our already sorry monetary status even worse.

For many, bad credit loans or debt consolidation loans can be a good solution to financial loan dilemmas. These are available at low costs nowadays via financial organizations or financial firms that specialize in these. They can help conquer complicated and tangled monetary predicaments which are primarily a consequence of mismanagement habits, which can be challenging to break. The most popular types of personal loans which can be consolidated are educational personal loans, credit card money loans, utility charges, and phone expenses, among others.

Should you be considering to avail of debt consolidations loans, you ought to be able to ensure that you could obtain a less costly fee in as compared to all of your financial obligations put together because of not, it would be better for you to stick to the payment dates of your several bills by making sure you record all of them and pay them promptly. The chief benefit of a debt consolidation loan is that all you have to pay for your own financial obligations all at once, saving you the hassle of having to recall payment dates and going from one place to another to pay several creditors. You will be profitable with debt consolidation loans in the event that you guarantee that the loan types which you will consolidate will be offered at a cheaper price than paying all of them individually.

Debt consolidation loans are also seen as remedies to unfavorable credit ratings, that’s why they may at times be called bad credit loans. They allow those with low credit ratings slowly but surely win back good financial status by making it easier for them to pay off all their bad debts.

The main rewards that individuals get from debt consolidation loans or bad credit loans are generally the points enumerated below:

1. Your regular personal loan installment payments can be lowered substantially.

2. Your interest fees may possibly be reduced.

3. You merely need to do a one-time settlement for several types of personal loans.

4. You will be able to avoid bankruptcy.

5. You will no longer need to deal with different types of financial institutions.

6. You certainly will surely be able to manage to have savings.

Debt consolidation loans have become available on the web. They will help make your financial troubles easier. You must, of course, exercise caution in order for you to be able to get a loan provider that could truly help you not only in paying out your current obligations in a less expensive approach but also, in giving you financial assistance so as to help make your credit rating better than ever.

Fed up with difficult debt consolidation loans? Then get the best debt management advice instead and get out of debt fast.

Loans And Secured Loans Are Still Available.

July 10th, 2012 Comments off

In this current economic climate many people in the UK have virtually put certain aspects of their lives on hold.

This stand still as it were mainly refers to financial matters. Those who used to change their car every two or three years may have thought that there are no loans available to buy a new car, and this means that some UK citizens who under normal circumstances love changing their cars have now owned their current vehicle for over five years now.This has come about because they believe that it is impossible to obtain car loans.

The reason for this is that many people think that there are no loans of any kind in the UK market at this moment in time when in fact all kinds of loans are available including car loans, although the underwriting criteria is certainly less lax now.

For those with a far from stellar credit rating there is still a possibility of obtaining a loan.

For non homeowners who have a low credit score the possibility of obtaining a loan at present to buy a car or anything else for that matter is almost impossible. Homeowners are however in a strong position, as they can apply for a secured loan for this purpose.

The advantage of taking out a secured loan is that you are not tied to buying from a car dealer, and can save a lot of money by buying either from a private individual or you can even buy your car at auction.

Secured loans are available and you can buy just about anything, including a vehicle with a secured loan.

Local and national newspapers are full of adverts for cars for sale, and these cars will cost considerably less than the garage equivalent.

Buying a car at an auction when you have the ready cash saves you a lot of money or gives you the opportunity to buy a better car.

Buying a car from an auction will also be much cheaper than buying from a car dealer.

Therefore loans for cars and almost all things are in fact are still available and for homeowners secured loans are worth considering.