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Do You Need A Life Insurance Broker?

November 21st, 2017 Comments off

The simplest answer to that question is, no. However, there are definitely times when an insurance broker can be helpful. They can actually save you a considerable amount of money.

It does not matter whether you want to purchase car, health or life insurance, there are a large number of companies to choose from, and a significantly extensive number of complex plans available. Translating those plans can be frightening, especially if you have not had experience in this area before. This is where the services of a broker can be invaluable.

A life insurance broker is, fundamentally, a go-between. They step between you and the insurance company. In fact, it’s their job to seek out the lowest insurance policy. Because an insurance broker does not work for any specific company, they are able to develop relationships with numerous insurance companies. This allows them to hunt for the best options, answer questions, and point you in the right direction, as far as your insurance needs are concerned.

Once you select the broker you want, you supply them with your specific details and needs. From there, the broker begins sorting through the choices available, looking for the best deal. The broker will either give you multiple quotes to choose from, or offer you the lowest option available. Now all you need to do is compare several insurance estimates from the leading companies. You are now able to make an informed decision on which one will work best for your particular situation.

Because they do not work for any one company, a broker must be familiar with all the leading insurance companies. They know the reputation of each one. They also know how the company operates. They can answer important questions, as well as inform you about such things as how often premium increases occur, and how they handle claims.

Insurance brokers work on commission. The insurance companies pay them for every policy they sell. If you were to go to the company, and purchase a similar policy, you could not get it at a cheaper cost. What that means is that using a broker to help you find the best policy costs you nothing more, and it takes a great deal of stress off your shoulders. The broker does the research and deals with all the frustrations of weeding out the better polices. All you have to do is consider the options he presents for you, and make a decision on which one is going to work best.

One of the biggest benefits a broker offers is his or her expansive knowledge of the marketplace. Not only can they find you the policy you need, they can do it quickly. They can also get you exactly the kind of coverage you want, at a price that would be hard for you to match. Brokers understand the technicalities of insurance contracts, and they can make sense of all the small print. They also have answers for your questions. Choosing to use a broker is an astute decision.

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Life Insurance VS A Retirement Policy

August 4th, 2017 Comments off

Many people find out at retirement that they have not enough money to live the lifestyle they are used to. There are too many people in this country that have no retirement benefits and will be living on social security benefits alone. For someone living on social security benefits their lifestyle will change dramatically and they will find that they may not have enough money to keep their home and retirement becomes a burden rather than a joy.

Many people believe that a life insurance policy is only to be paid out in the event of the policy holders death. The truth is that many people use life insurance policies as a way to protect their financial well being during their old age. The life insurance policy is able to be funded from many resources, such as stocks and bonds, certificates of deposit, mutual funds and even cash reserves from your bank account. This money can then be withdrawn at retirement age tax free.

Having the security of death benefits for your family is very important but having peace of mind about your financial well being after retirement is a huge concern for most people. The life insurance policies can be created to offer payouts over a specified period of time or can be paid for your entire lifetime. The best feature of the policies is that you put in it what you want to invest in your future and the payments will not be considered taxable income.

Retirement benefits can be utilized in many ways with the life insurance policies. You can borrow from cash values or have a payment plan designed to meet your needs. In both instances there will be certain pros and cons.

Money that is accumulated in a life insurance retirement policy will be able to be withdrawn at retirement age without paying tax or taking any penalties. If you are using an IRA for retirement you can expect payments to be made to you but you will have that amount taxed as income. The tax free money is a huge advantage to the life insurance retirement policy.

If you are borrowing cash from the retirement policy as a method to avoid having to pay any taxes on the money you may be surprised that you could be hit with capital gains tax on any payments that aware in excess of the premium, this is for the lifetime of the policy so if you paid over for 40 years you can expect a huge penalty. If you are now 80 or 85 and are trying to just get by with paying estate taxes and pay the high cost of health care this tax could put you in the poor house and cause you to lose everything you own trying to pay it back.

You may have been shown a great retirement package from the agent you bought the policy from and then find out when you retire it is less than what it should have been. The rates change and if you had a great rate at the time of purchase and they have since fell you will not have the benefits you once though. With a standard retirement package you may be able to have more security in knowing what your benefits will be but they will be taxable and you have less chance to increase them over time. With the insurance policy you can add as much cash to your policy as you wish and you will never be taxed on your payments after retirement but you do have a slightly larger risk involved with your money.

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Tips When Considering A Life Insurance Policy

July 29th, 2017 Comments off

If you have anyone in your life that rely on you to support them financially then you will want to have proper life insurance coverage. Life cover should be at the top of your list of priorities. How will your family survive financially when you are gone? It is not something any of us want to think about but it is reality.

You want to be sure that your loved ones who depend on you for financial support are taken care of even after you are gone. It is important that they be able to survive if something happens that you do not.

A lump sum life cover policy is pretty straight forward. You may need help with choosing plan types and amount of coverage. Ask your agent to give you the advice on how to select the best policy plan that is right for you and your needs.

There are some things you should know prior to applying for life coverage. Be sure you are taking out a adequate amount of life coverage. Dont forget to factor in all the bills. Your coverage amount can be estimated by using an internet calculator. Be careful not to be under insured. You do not want to find yourself over insured either.

You will have to figure out how long you will want the insurance coverage in place. A trust will ensure that all loved ones receive their benefits.

Policies that are not placed in a trust become part of your estate and could increase the inheritance tax liability. A trust form should be given to you with your policy information.

One of the more popular policies is the Level Term Assurance (LTA) this means your policy amount will stay the same through the duration of the coverage. If you are looking for a less expensive policy and only need coverage for a debt such as a mortgage you can buy Decreasing Term Assurance (DTA) for a great rate.

The most popular cover is the Level Term Assurance (LTA) where the sum of your insured amount remains the same for the duration of the term. If you only require cover for payment of a home loan or other decreasing debt you could check out Decreasing Term Assurance (DTA) for a much better rate.

If you have had a life cover policy for many years you might want to shop around, it is possible to switch to a lower cost one. Always look to be sure you are not losing any irreplaceable benefits when cancelling a policy.

If you have had a life cover policy for some time you might want to shop around, it is possible to switch to a lower cost one. Be sure that you are not losing any valuable benefits before cancelling a policy. You have to keep in mind that if your health has gotten worse or any huge life changes have occurred you will be paying a more costly rate for a new policy.

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Comparing Term And Whole Life Insurance

September 22nd, 2014 Comments off

All life insurance policies can be categorized as “term”, “whole life”, or a combination of the two. This means there are many different variations in policies.

Universal life insurance allows you to adjust the premium and policy amount to what you feel you need.

For someone who wants to have control over the financial and investing aspect of their insurance, the variable life insurance policy will be the best option.

So what’s a term life insurance policy?

The term life insurance policy provides insurance protection for a particular period of time. The term may be extended to 5, 10, or 20 years. When the term ends the policy also expires without any benefits and without any saved or accumulated cash value. But if you die during this term then the death benefit will be paid. The term insurance policy can be said as insurance that is actually designed to expire before you do.?

Usually the premiums on the term insurance are not that big, but as you grow older you will have to pay more. So considering the profits a term life insurance policy is more economical when bought at a younger age along with a longer term. Even though the short term renewable policies are substantially lower when people are young, it will be highly expensive when purchased after middle age.

In a term life policy that renews annually and carries a $200,000 death benefit, the annual premiums might look like the example below. Remember, these are just examples to show the differences in cost with age:

Age 35: $300/year

Age 50: $900/year

Age 65: $2,500/year

Description of a Whole Life Insurance Policy

Whole life is the most common type of life insurance. The policy remains in effect until you die or reach age 100, assuming you pay the scheduled premium. Whole life insurance is also known as ‘ordinary life’ or ‘permanent’ insurance. They feature level premiums, level face amounts, guaranteed values, and a high degree of safety. Whole life insurance has a guaranteed cash value, through which a living benefit is built. Because of this, the owner can access the cash for emergencies, or use it as a supplement to retirement income if necessary.

Whole life insurance includes both insurance and savings: whole life policies are often used in long-term financial planning. The level premiums of whole life policies also mean that the premium will never change. This gives you the peace of mind of always knowing how much your premium will be; it will not increase as you grow older.

There are different risks involved for companies which provide whole life insurance policies and those which offer auto policies, for example. With an auto policy the insurance company hopes the policyholder will be a safe driver and never be in an accident. On the other hand, when an insurance company issues a whole life policy it knows it will someday have to pay the claim.

The internet has made researching and comparing different life insurance companies very easy. By doing your research online, you can ensure that you have the best policy at the best premium to meet your needs. It’s also a good idea to see how the companies you’re researching are rated with the Better Business Bureau. Also be sure to check each company’s financial stability before you sign up for a policy. If you work to get all the information you need before buying, it will be very easy to get the best possible life insurance policy online.

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Choosing The Right Disability Lawyers

December 19th, 2012 Comments off

Choosing the right disability lawyers can be as easy as getting a good referral from a friend or family member. Many let their fingers do the walking through the Yellow pages, while others may call the state bar association. There are other ways as well that you can find online and by asking around.

But if you’ve never had need of one before, there may be some questions you need answered first, regardless of how it is that you came to seek the services of this particular lawyer. You want to be sure that whatever lawyer you choose, that they specialize in your particular type of case.

First of all, you’ll hear a few myths involved with applying for social security disability. The first is that, they ALWAYS deny everyone the first time they apply. Others tell you that they deny a certain number of times before approval can be had. These are not true.

On the other side of the coin, if you try to claim disability for any type of drug or alcohol abuse, then its going to depend on if the further use of said drug or alcohol abuse, is considered to be material, or immaterial to the case. In other words, if you stop the use of the drug or alcohol, and it wouldn’t change your medical condition, you can get approval. If your condition would improve, you claim will get denied. They are not going to fit the bill to pay for anyone who can work if they would only stop their bad habits.

There are also some hard and fast rules connected to filing for disability benefits. You should always file As soon as possible, because the truth is, it can take a long time to get approval in most cases. Some may be expedited, but most can be very unfortunate in regards to time, to those who are in real need. So don’t hesitate, get it started.

Once you have been denied on your first time claiming, thats where its time to enlist the aid of good Toronto disability lawyers. This is due to the fact that once you’ve been denied the first time, the path you take is pretty much an appeal route where your case is going to have to come before a judge.

Another way that these attorneys are helpful, is in the vast amount of paperwork involved, which many are not so skillful in understanding and filling out. They fully understand the laws involved, and exactly what is needed to get you the best chance at getting approved, and having all your paperwork done properly. They are invaluable tools in your quest for assistance.

Choosing the right disability lawyers can make the difference in whether or not you end up with an approval on your claim. And this is a big factor in the lives of many who truly need the disability claim to be approved, and to be able to survive in a very unfriendly world to those without the means and ability to take care of themselves.

Hiring an Ontario disability lawyer is essential to navigating the legal sector. Fight for your individual claims and rights by contacting a Toronto disability lawyer today!