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How to Burn DVD

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DVD can be burned same as CDs. In other words, you can add or delete data from the DVD like on a CD. There are plenty of software available that allows you to do same. Some of them are Nero and Super DVD Burner. Depending on the type of data that the DVD will hold, the burning process will take place accordingly.

You can take three different actions with a DVD :

  1. burn data to a DVD
  2. copy and burn multimedia or video files to a DVD
  3. add and burn commercial data to a DVD

Burning data to a DVD

For this, your system must have a DVD Drive. Data like spreadsheet, word documents, database files etc can be burned in a DVD using DVD burning software such as Nero 9 and Super DVD Creator 9.8.8. Check your computer for preloaded burning software programs and then install it. If you are not able to locate them, then you can always purchase or download it from the internet. A normal DVD can burn up to 4.7 GB of data with a great speed.

Burning multimedia to a DVD

Multimedia files may include recordings from a TV show or from a digital camera.

If you want to burn a video file in your DVD then search for compatible software programs that can encode it into MPEG-2 format. But if you want a movie to be burnt then you need to first compress that file and then decode the DRM (digital rights management) before encoding it into MPEG-2 format. You can add the Disc Menu Title, assign your own background music to the video and even add subtitles or number of chapters on page.

You can download AVS Video Convertor to burn all types of video formats onto the DVD thus allowing you to create personal DVD videos.

Follow the given steps to burn videos to the DVD:

a. Download AVS Video Convertor from the internet and install it

b. Execute it and select your video file

c. After choosing appropriate conversion parameters, select the output     destination of the file

d. Create a DVD menu so that it becomes easier for you to navigate through your disc

e. Insert a blank DVD into your DVD Drive and finally burn the DVD
You can then verify whether your DVD was burnt properly or not.

Copying and burning commercial data onto DVD

Commercial DVDs are dual layer and have 7 to 8.4 GB of data. These files must be compressed to fit on a normal DVD. After this, you can use your DVD burning software to burn your DVD.

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Store your DVDs with great care as they are two discs chemically bonded together. Avoid bending DVDs while taking out them from the drive.

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Burn a DVD: Easy to follow guide

February 20th, 2018 Comments off

Do you have videos, music, images or data which you would like to store in DVD format and don’t know how to go about it? Here is a step by step guide on how to burn a dvd.

Where to start

The first step would be to compile the videos, images or data which you want to burn. It is important to check with the dvd burning program you are using to make sure that the compiled videos, music, data or images are within the burn limit size.

Where can you get a DVD burining program?

More than often you already have a dvd burning program installed in your computer. If you do not have one, you can easily download a dvd burner from online sites.

How to begin the burning process

You will have to open up the dvd burning program to initiate the burning process. The programs are designed to make the dvd burning process user friendly.

The program will prompt you to select the files you want to burn and lead you to the next step once you have selected the files. Some programs allow burning of only the same file types while others can allow you to burn a dvd with mixed file types. The program will also alert you if you have exceeded the size limit. When you are ready to begin the burning process the program will prompt you to load a blank dvd to your dvde drive. After loading the dvd you will simply wait for the burning process to end and you will have your video, music, images or data in dvd format.

Why would you need to burn a dvd?

There are several reasons why you may need to burn a dvd. The most common is for storage purposes. Most people would want to store their files in other mediums for added back up. You could also need to duplicate an existing dvd since they have the tendency to easily get damaged from scratches. Having your files in dvd format makes portability easier and you can access and transfer the files by simply loading the dvd on any computer with a dvd drive. A dvd can also be played on conventional dvd players other than computer systems.

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Storing dvds

Make sure that your dvds are well stored to increase their durability. Store your dvds in dvd sleeves to protect them further from the likelihood of damage from scratches

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