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Understanding Foreclosure

November 30th, 2018 Comments off

The real estate business is witnessing a downturn; house foreclosure is a common word we hear these days. Most of homeowners are ignorant of what it actually means and end up putting themselves in the worst of situations.

Foreclosure is a legal process instigated by the lending institution to terminate a homeowner’s right to reinstate the mortgaged estate. As a result the lender becomes the authorized owner of the property and can also sell the property to recover the principal money. Foreclosures only happen when homeowners fail to pay the stipulated payments as mentioned in the deed of trust for a period of more than 3 months.

These proceedings normally begin by sending a letter of notice called a notice of default to the homeowner demanding the mortgage payments. There are different types of house foreclosure and their application varies from state to state. However, the two most widely used and common types are by power of sale and by judicial sale.

America has experienced a large increase in foreclosure proceedings, above 79 percent in many cases. How do we put an end to this house foreclosure crisis? What follows are a group of tips that can at least help you individually to make a guide toward foreclosure stop.

First and foremost is communication. You must quickly and clearly communicate with your mortgage lender when you anticipate financial problems. Do not wait to receive a notice of default.

With an increasing number of foreclosure cases, you can easily find professionals to bail you out of such circumstances. The second step therefore is to seek professional help. If you are short of finances it is prudent not to hire them but rather simply ask for advice.

Finally, realize there are other sources of help out there and you are not alone. Ask those that are involved in the process: your lender, professional help to point you toward other helpful institutions or information. Just by doing a search on Google you can find multiple helps and aids in your area so do not give up!

One the most important aspects of avoiding a foreclosure is awareness of your financial situation and the aforementioned timeline. Keep your emotions in check it is very easy to let them overtake you and shroud you in depression and worry, just relax and be hopeful. Use the experts from the mortgage company and those you have sought out for vital support and information and as I’ve said hope for the best!

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Did You Receive An Eviction Notice? Don’t Do Anything Until You Read This.

November 22nd, 2018 Comments off

Recently, Monique had the following question about an Eviction Process:

“I have six months not paying my mortgage, and I am worried about it. My question is if the sheriff can take me out with my family anytime now?”

Answer: It will depend in your state. Some states are under a Judicial foreclosure and others under a Non-Judicial foreclosure system. You may want to understand the Foreclosure Process and the Eviction Laws of your state. Look at

First of all, check the following points that are very common in a FORECLOSURE PROCESS for many states, although every state use to change the names for each one:

1. In Default.- (30 to 90 days late)

2.- NOTICE OF DEFAULT: At 90 days without making a mortgage payment, you will receive from your lender a notification called in many states as Notice of Default. It will say that your lender will send your home for sale if you don?t pay what you owe.

3.- NOTICE OF SALE: Generally at 120 days late on your mortgage, a Notice of Sale will arrive at your home from a lawyer or a trustee telling you what day and what place will be the auction of your home. You still have the option to negotiate your situation.

4.- FORECLOSURE: After receiving the Notice of Sale your home will be sold in a public auction from two to eighteen months later, depending in your state. This entire period any homeowner can legally continue living into the property without making payments.

5.- PERIOD OF REINSTATEMENT: If your house was foreclosed, you still have a chance to find a loan to buy this property again. For this intention, many states allow you to have a Reinstatement Period on which you can also stay making no payments covered by law. NON-JUDICIAL system states dont have this rule.

6.- EVICTION: Following the foreclosure sale, or the end of the reinstatement period, you will be reached by the new title-holder of the property asking you to leave the property. If the property was bought back by the same lender, they may give you some money to leave the property clean and in good condition (this is called Cash for Key). If you don’t leave, after 30 or 45 days they can start an EVICTION PROCESS AT COURT. The Judge will send you an EVICTION NOTICE including the date when you must leave. If you dont leave that day, the sheriff will go to the property to take you out and change the locks. If they lock the doors with your belongings inside, you cannot take them out anymore.

Don’t forget you have legal rights. Homeowners can stay rent free into their home until receiving an official notice from court. See your eviction laws.


There are a lot of states allowing homeowners to stay into the property up 18 months without making payments to their mortgage. You need to check the laws of your state.


Specifications: You have to understand I?m not an accountant, or a lawyer, or a tax analyst giving you tax, financial or legal advice. These suggestions are not a substitution for the outlook of a knowledgeable attorney. Nevertheless I?m a Financial Instructor in Arizona doing Business Coaching, Marketing Coaching, Real Estate investments, Credit Repair, Foreclosure Prevention, Residential and Commercial Loans, Mortgage Training and Origination since 2002, I dont declare Im giving legal guidance in this piece of writing to your exact circumstances. This writing was created to inform homeowners in mortgage stress. This writing should be not interpreted to be legal advice for your own conditions. This writing is only for individual information. Under no conditions this article should be understood as a legal advice to market, purchase or keep any house.

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The Long Mile Of The Mortgage Modification Business

November 6th, 2018 Comments off

Who is there to Help Those Who are Called to Provide Help? I work at a Foreclosure Defense Law Firm which happens to also engage in the practice of Loan Modifications. I am not an lawyer nor am I here to provide or imply legal advice. The Loan Modification & Foreclosure Defense business has gotten a bad rap due to some rotting apples in the bunch but there are some of us who actually care about what we do.

It’s terrible that myself and others are subjected to the very inaccurate and fictitiously skewed perspectives that is constantly broad casted by the media without conscience to the patriotic men and women who give up valuable time with their own families in an effort to restore stability to families. The Broadcasters as a whole has been quick to tell stories that tell of bad lenders and what were once prominent mortgage lenders now well on their way to becoming cell mates at local and federal correction institutions nationwide.

But what about people like myself, people with a sincere, moral, and ethical motivation to assist their fellow Homeowners in saving their American Dream? It is amazing to see how many of us really do have an impeccable work ethic and are passionate about aiding homeowners in distress.

Not only do we deal with the bad Info of the self serving and often relentless broadcasters but many of us are faced with a tragic and sometimes devastating dilemma, the mortal fact that we are exactly that, we are only human. In my personal experience it has become difficult at times to walk away from my job at the end of the day. Every day at the Law Firm it seems there is a more horrible or unjust case than the last, but still they seem to keep coming, almost as if there were no end in sight. For anyone with a heart or anyone who is truly undaunted in their faith, although it can be spiritually and financially rewarding at times, the Foreclosure & Loan Modification business can become truly draining after prolonged exposure. To the credit of those who possess the inner strength and choose to answer the call of servant leadership, I am writing this to acknowledge the truth behind the old saying “Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.” and to add that “working a day in his suit might not be a bad idea either”.

During the course of our own personal disasters, there is a lot to be said for the idea of taking a marginal step back, and away from the situation or stepping outside one’s self to reflect for a moment that there are many variables in every equation and sometimes all is not what it seems. This is the moral of the story, to better illustrate I will share something with those who took a moment to look a little further into this article. judging my intentions based on my statements is that I and the majority of our clients could actually be considered one and the same if you were to make a generalization or attempt to categorize me.

mortgage What do I mean by that? What I am making an effort to convey is that sometimes it seems like the worst enemy a borrower can have in the courtroom is not the Lender threatening to take back the house and not even the Law Firm representing them. The worst enemy that many Homeowners face while facing a possible or impending Foreclosure is the enemy they find staring back at them in the mirror each day. That enemy is Homeowners themselves, in my experience it seems to be the most common recurrence among cases I have seen during my time working in the Foreclosure Defense industry. Homeowners and in many cases family members alike are so concerned with getting cheated that in reality they wind up cheating themselves. In conclusion I will provide you with the missing material fact which should re-calibrate even the most skeptical perspectives. In approximately 30 days from today I will be going before a judge in an effort to save my own home from a pending foreclosure which I have fought long and hard to overcome. The truth is that was my original reason for getting involved in the industry, I did it to find a solution for the Foreclosure that has been looming like a dark shadow of unknown demise over my own life. You see I too share all the same concerns and all the same fears as so many other American Homeowners do in this country today. You wouldn’t believe how often people misconstrue the sincere empathy and sense of urgency which I often tend to convey. Many misunderstanding what they sense immediately defaulting to the negative which has been cultivated by our society today. This almost automatic defense system has left many Homeowners and their families almost completely defenseless and unable to protect their homes due to their inability or refusal to act. I also have been fighting to save my last and final property that I own and live in. So in final it is with great sincerity that I offer this humble opinion. Never judge a book by it’s cover because it might end up costing you more than you thought it would ever be.

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Easier Way To Sell Your House In A Fast Way

August 27th, 2018 Comments off

Houses are being sold everyday. You can find ads in the newspaper, signs in your neighborhood, endorsements by word of mouth, and in the internet. The web, of course, is the largest advertising tool one can think of and that is the main reason why we can find thousands of sites that sell houses from different parts of the world. The big question, however, is what if people needs to sell their house in the soonest time possible as when job relocation happens, is there any way where they can be sold immediately?

Well, in the real world, it is quite difficult to find a fast buyer. Posting ads in the Daily Times can take as much as months for it to be sold. And in the process, you shell out as much money too instead of just saving up for a new house or keeping it as rent. Also, subjecting your house to real estate agents can also cost certain amounts because they have to have their share for selling your estates and you need to adjust according to their standards. These include fixing up your house to make it presentable, repairing parts of the house, and probably redesigning to make it sellable. It makes you spend more.

If you really want to raise its value, you really have to put out. Realtors will do all the work for a price even if the estate you have is just for a single family. This makes it even harder to market. With people losing jobs, they cannot afford the value and it will take more time for it to find a new owner. The responsibility of mortgage stays even when you have put it up for grabs. The money that you should keep to build a new home goes to mortgage just because it is taking too long for sale. However, if you do not mind selling it for a lower price, then there are people who buy houses fast for cash you can inquire with. They are called professional estate buyers, buying estates for cash.

If you are in a rush to sell your house, then you can let it be assessed by these people. Even though they can take the house in any condition, they still have criteria for it to be good for selling. Even if you have unfixed toilets and plumbing to do, they will take care of it and take your house. Of course, their price will be reduced from the original value. Just consider the fact that you do not have to pay for repairs then it makes it a reasonable amount.

And these are the reasons why people turn to these professional house buyers when it comes to fast selling.

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Hire A Lawyer – Find An Attorney Who Would Best Suit You

August 14th, 2018 Comments off

Not all of us require a lawyer. This is what all of us think! However, today it is not the case anymore. The social situation is such that you need someone to represent you and to fight on your behalf against the legal systems which is becoming more and more complicated day by day. We need someone to decipher the law which we cannot understand anymore. This pushes everyone whether like it or not to hunt and find an attorney who will represent you and your interests, a lawyer who will not just try to swindle your hard earned money but will stand by you during the time of need. Sadly, it is not easy to find an attorney who will give you good counsel keeping only your best interests in mind.

Before you find an attorney you must know in what way you would like him or her to support you. The legal system has become an elaborate nightmare and not all of them can handle all the areas. So there are attorneys who specialize in specific areas. Only when you define his or her role in supporting you, you will be able to start the hunt for the right lawyer.

One of the best ways of to find an attorney for your need is to use the traditional word of mouth advertisement. Start telling your friends and colleagues whom you can trust about your need. You will be on the safer side to get a lawyer to work with you by personal referrals your friends or acquaintances will give you.

Whenever you get a chance to meet a lawyer in any business meeting or party, make sure that you get his or her business card. This would certainly be useful some day even if not immediately. When you have a need, you need not kill yourself to find an attorney but just find the right card and call the lawyer immediately. This would be much simpler and quick too.

You can easily find an attorney if you should be visiting churches regularly. This can be a very good interacting platform as many people join together in one place. You can find the lawyer yourself or can also check with the clergymen. Getting references from the clergymen would also assure about the reputation of the lawyer.

When one of your friends or acquaintances do refer a lawyer and when you get to meet him or her make sure that you still assess their credentials and reputation. When you find an attorney who will listen to you and advise on a suitable course of action. If you really do not have a case that you can fight and win then your attorney should be able to tell you the truth and advise you on alternative ways of resolving the issue.

You can also find an attorney through online directories. You will be able to get information about a number of good lawyers who focus on specific areas of law through these directories. It will be rather easier to find an appropriate lawyer who will be suitable for your need.

If you want to find an attorney, you should first make a survey and short list lawyers without stopping with one lawyer. Based on their credentials and experience you can find an attorney who would best suit you. You can opt to find an attorney who works for a law firm or who has his own office. But before selecting a lawyer who functions independently, make sure to pay attention to his experience and capability.

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