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Bulk REO Investing In Today’s Market

November 4th, 2018 Comments off

Bulk REO Investing is proving to be one of the most profitable fields of investment during this year and potentially beyond. Bulk REO Investors profit by buying groups (commonly called portfolios) of properties from lenders who have foreclosed the properties and have urgent desire to reduce pressure on their balance sheets. Due to the urgency of the balance sheet needs of the banking institutions coupled with the investors ability to purchase a package of REO properties rather than singular properties, its quite possible for a well-financed bulk reo investor to acquire REO packages at extremely attractive deals.

They are now starting to accept Bitcoin as a payment method and as an new investment profit, which is a great profitable market booming right now with the best penny cryptocurrencies which are getting lots of movement in the market which are giving a huge profit in value and now investors are making it an active to make more possibilities  in the real estate market.

Most bulk REO real estate investors make offers to lending institutions on the basis of a percentage of unpaid mortgage balance. This means that if the investors make an offer of 60 cents on the dollar for a package of loans with a remaining balance of $3,000,000 in principal balance, then they pay $1,800,000 to acquire that group of houses.

At the conclusion of the reo portfolio transactions, investors own multiple properties which must then be monetized to bring a return to their portfolio. To do this, they typically resell the properties to retail home buyers via owner financing. By cutting traditional lenders out of their transactions, REO investors are able to sell their properties more quickly and at very appealing terms.

Find out when the banks financial quarter ends. This is where they report their quarterly earnings and financials and when most of upper management get evaluated for bonuses. Just like any business, banks dont want to have these underperforming assets on their books especially when their earnings reports are due.

Analyze the deals, determine what you want to get them for, and put in your second (or third) best offer (never offer your best offer first).

Negotiate until its a win for all: you get to have several properties at lower than market value the bank walks away with those deals off of their books just in time for the quarterly earnings reports to shareholders.

The future seems bright for savvy Bulk REO investors.

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WordPress Blog Secret Tips – How Does the Paradox Blogs And Real Estate Lead to Your Better Real Estate Marketing

December 5th, 2017 Comments off

In today’s world the real estate professionals are facing a lot of competition and to deal with it most of them are designing a blog or website with WordPress, known as the WordPress blog since it helps to develop online real estate business. WordPress is a modern article publishing platform or Content Management system (CMS) which focuses on usability, web standards, and aesthetics.

WordPress can be used free of cost and can be applied primarily when you want to use your blog software. This can save you on a substantial amount of money unlike many other expensive tools of social marketing. Thus the WordPress blog can be called an effective instrument real estate social marketing.

There are real estate themes on WordPress that are customizable and user-friendly. If you are a web developer or a real estate agent then the WordPress blog is an ideal solution for you. This can be used as a management system for content as well. But before you actually purchase it, you must read the page on FAQ very cautiously. All buyers of any theme receive a lifetime access and privilege to numerous updates for that particular theme absolutely without any charge. Thus, it is a big privilege.

The WordPress blog can be really helpful for busy developers who need effective techniques to achieve results real fast. The themes available on WordPress offer them a solution to manage their real estate content easily. And if the popular Multiple-Use Package can be bought, it can save a lot of endeavor and time too.

WordPress had originally started operating as early as 2003, with a minimal code for enhancing the typography of daily writing with very limited users. In recent times it has preceded its competitors and has become one of the largest tools of self-hosted blogging globally. Nowadays it is widely used on countless websites and by innumerable people on a daily basis. This has made the use of the WordPress blog even more popular.

Being used as a commercial platform by most users, WordPress is actually a project with an open source. This also signifies that there are different people all over the world working on it and using the WordPress blog. Always remember the more popular a website, the greater exposure you can expect to receive. You too can use it to develop and improve your real estate social marketing.

On you will be allowed to download as well as install a special software script known as WordPress. For this you will require a web host who can meet the minimal requirements and invest some time. WordPress is fully customizable and you can use it for anything and everything. You will find a free service at by which you can begin with the WordPress blog instantly.

Writing as well as publishing articles and blogs online has been made simpler by WordPress. WordPress is user-friendly and this has led to the escalating use of the WordPress blog. The best solution for you to market your real estate content and attract potential customers and investors is the implementation of the WordPress blog.

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19 Your Guide to an Effective Real Estate Marketing: Direct Mail Copywriting Made Simple

September 17th, 2017 Comments off

How do you make writing real estate postcard marketing materials less stressful? This article discusses one of the most practical advices I can share with you about direct mail copywriting.

The idea is simple. The premise rests on the fact that most of us know what we want to say. And we can say it, but we don’t always say this in the proper order.

You can simply start by writing your copy while keeping in mind the AIDA formula which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Make sure that you capture the attention of your customers right away by stating your services in an attractive way. Inform them about customer benefits and provide all the answers you think your potential customers have in mind.

Additionally, be sure to put in some subheads. When you believe you’ve written your copy – and the reasons why your readers should actually become your customers, then print this piece of paper out.

Now take a pair of scissors and cut the document into “paragraph size” pieces. Make sure that each piece you cut contains one – and only one – paragraph on it. (This assumes that you’ve been writing in short bursts of paragraphs all along!)

Next, try to read the document once more. You can now decide if you want to reorder the paragraphs or keep it that way. Make sure though that the entire document is coherent and has a clear information about your offer.

The idea is to put these paragraphs into an order from first to last that will create a complete postcard mailing for you. Once you have every paragraph and subhead in its proper order, rearrange them on your original document in the computer.

No, you’re not quite done yet. Your next step is to re-read this copy again. Decide if you need to create any transitional sentences to make the copy flow better. You may even decide you need to rewrite a sentence or a whole paragraph. You may even decide you need to punch it up some with more action-oriented verbs. A few well placed exclamation points, even a couple of interjections that create excitement.

Go ahead. Make all the revisions you need to. If after that you think your copy would benefit from another printout and another round of jigsaw puzzle working, and then by all means do so. Before you know it, you’ve painlessly and nearly effortlessly, created an effective postcard mailing.

Isn’t this the experience all of us wish to have when working on our real estate marketing campaigns?

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How to Create an Effective Direct Mail Copy

January 10th, 2017 Comments off

You may be a bit tired of acronyms. After all, they’re all around. But I’m going to provide you with just a few more initials that make it easy for you to reread your postcard mailing to ensure its effectiveness. And these letters come from none other than marketing guru Joe Vitale, who has made literally millions of dollars selling all sorts of products and services. He insists that if you remember the Four P’s of copywriting, you’ll be destined to be successful from this moment on.

So if a real estate investor wants his real estate direct mail to work, what are the best steps to take?

First you need to outline the problem your potential customer faces. And no you’re not doing this because he doesn’t know what it is. He’s well aware of his problem. But you do this to create a genuine bond with your potential customer.

To have the right Problem Key, your copy must be able to express your prospect’s problem in a way that helps him feel that you fully understand his problem and what he is going through. Hence, before starting any real estate direct marketing campaign, you must know your prospects well.

For the problem key, be sure to make your customer feel that you understand what he is going through and that you empathize with him. Of course, you must know the background of your prospects in order to do this.

The promise key opens his mind to the idea that you have the experience and skills to be able to quickly sell his home at a good price.

Critical to the body of your copy is a solid Proof Key. Most of your prospects have been contacted by several investors. In your real estate direct mail, your prospect must have his doubts about you eliminated by the proof key.

Your proof key in your copy must have testimonials from previous customers whom you have helped in selling their home at a good price. If you include some of the success stories of people like them, your prospect will be moved to believe that you are the real deal.

If your mailing can effectively outline the Four “P”s to persuade your audience to call you to discuss the matter, you’ve been successful.

Go ahead. Read your latest postcard mailing with the Four “P”s in mind. Did you cover them all? If you didn’t, there’s no time like the fifth “P” – the Present. Why not sit down right now and rewrite this mailing with these key words in mind?

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